Website Redesign: Why Do You Need One?

website redesign for businesses

Website redesign is something you need when your website is outdated.

Perhaps it was designed some 5 years ago and back then it looked contemporary and fresh.

Perhaps the website is getting too cluttered to navigate.

Perhaps it needs a new look because you have a new team or your business has changed direction and strategy.

These days, the online world is changing so quickly that your website could be outdated very fast.

Whatever it is, a website redesign signals that you’re ready to give your website and business a new appearance.

We recently did a website redesign for a long-time client, Tropical Spice Garden.

We were first approached by them many years ago because their then website was not working. It wasn’t working because the website didn’t market Tropical Spice Garden the way it should.

But most websites are in this category. They are usually designed to inform people what the business is about (and even then, the websites do a poor job of informing people about the business!).

Most Websites Are Never Designed To Market

You can read this case study – how we managed to redesign a better website.

Immediately they saw the results.

People could find them online and when they did, they knew exactly what Tropical Spice Garden offered. (Hint: it’s not just an eco-tourism attraction. You can do plenty more things in this tropical paradise.)

They saw their sales go up.

You can only see your sales going up if people understand what you offer.

You can’t sell if people have no idea what you sell.

That’s why when you work with web designers, know that your website must include a clear communication and design strategy. Everyone needs to know the objectives of the website redesign project.

So last year, Tropical Spice Garden came back to us again.

Many changes had taken place in the garden – they had set up a successful cooking school (which warranted a separate website and for this. We suggested they use our Redbox Easyweb website system which they can manage on their own given their weekly schedule updates and more) and they had in the pipeline lots of new educational programmes for children.

With this, they needed a new upgrade in terms of adding new information and offerings. We had to plan out an entire new website structure.

Anticipate Your Website Visitors’ Needs

A website structure isn’t just about adding new pages of information. You must know how the website visitor thinks and what she will do or click. In all our website designs, we first anticipate what a website visitor needs to find or do or get from a website before we even build or design the website.

They also had an additional request. They wanted to start selling their products online via their own e-shop.

So this wasn’t just a website redesign – it was also about working on a suitable e-commerce system. While we manage the website updates for them, their team – totally non-technical – were going to manage their own e-shop. This meant the team needed to know how to process orders as they came in or how to update new products in to their shop.


We take care of the technical support because this is where e-commerce gets complicated. Most clients like to have some people to call just in case they get confused.  A lot of e-commerce issues tend to crop up because the client’s team doesn’t understand shipping, order processing, back-end systems and more.

When you manage an e-shop, it’s just like a real shop. You need to be prepared mentally. However, using our advanced e-commerce system made their lives easier as lots of the processes have been carefully automated, right down to the pre-set email messages (which saves their team lots of time when they process orders).

Making an e-shop easier to use benefited their customers. When you run an e-shop or ecommerce store, don’t make it tough for your customers to buy. If people get fed-up of your buying process, they leave and this hurts your bottomline.

Most website users abandon shopping carts online because they were sick and tired of navigating a poorly designed e-commerce site or kept seeing errors over and over again.

So managing an e-commerce website is not just about the technical stuff (that’s important) but not as important as understanding and managing the expectations of your customers and making sure they get what they came for!

The good news? Tropical Spice Garden got orders the day their e-shop was launched! Nothing beats the excitement of a real order!

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Thinking of Setting Up Your First Online Store? 

If you’re thinking of starting small with e-commerce, know that our budget website system at RM999, Redbox Easyweb, gives you the ability to do just that.

The e-commerce website system which we developed for Tropical Spice Garden is a premium e-commerce engine.

The system is designed to be easy for their team to manage (remember, they’re non-technical people) and yet, allow them full control of their product inventory easily via our programming innovation built right into the system.

For e-commerce systems, you need to factor in monthly support and technical fees. If you are not ready to invest in an advanced e-commerce system, we highly suggest you start with our Redbox Easyweb Pro.

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