Big Timer Game Debut at Marketing Mojo Meetup

Here’s a secret: we’ve been working on our Big Timer game for 2 years now. Nic had the idea to create a game where the outcome wasn’t about accumulating boatloads of money but something else that’s important to entrepreneurs like you and me.

To say it was a journey is an understatement. (And countless rounds of beta testing like this one.)

big timer business game
We’re so proud and pleased with our first ever business game, Big Timer!


It was created to help entrepreneurs understand what entrepreneurship is about – you could call this a macro picture or an overview of the factors that go into the running of a business.

Playing this game quickly gets you up to speed about what you need to focus on. As entrepreneurs, we have 101 things to do before breakfast! When we get into our business day, we have appointments, emails, to-do’s, follow-ups and a tonne more stuff. Even when we’re not working, we’re still thinking about a marketing idea or a client or a prospect.

A lot of this game comes from our own experience – all 17 years of it. We’ve run our small business long enough to know that some things just need to be done. We’ve also read enough business and marketing books to know that there are some specifics that entrepreneurs need to know first when they jump into their businesses.

Basically, here are all the mistakes we’ve made but you don’t have to. Here are all the lessons we’ve learnt summed up in these Big Timer cards to help you become more mindful of your true journey as an entrepreneur.

big timer business game penang
One of the cards in the Big Timer deck


Does it mean you can only play the game if you’re in business?


This game is for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as experienced ones. It’s a reminder and a nudge and a poke to focus on the right ingredients of entrepreneurship.

Today, there’s a lot of focus on creating an app or software and hoping some VC (that’s venture capitalist) comes along to invest pots of money in it. Or hoping you get Google interested enough to buy up your start-up. Or you want to IPO the business and retire for life.

But what if you really like running a business? What if you like being in the trenches and engaging with your customers?

No one talks about this path. The IPO path, the VC path, the pitching path, the Google-buys-my-business path – they’re all over the news.

But what if you seriously like what you do but you want to do it even better?

Then this game is for you. Big Timer lets you see the entire big picture of your business but also focuses on the ingredients to help you avoid the pitfalls and painful mistakes. Playing this game gives you a shortcut into the future.

Nic believes that the fastest way to learn is through fun and games. That’s why Big Timer was created. When you have fun, you retain a lot more learning!

big timer business game penang
Come join us to play Big Timer and get an entrepreneurial boost!

We’re debuting this game at our Marketing Mojo Meetup on Wednesday so if you’ve signed up for this event, you’re among the first few to exclusively get first dibs at this game.

Want To Play This Game? 

If you do, email: with the subject: Big Timer (with your name and phone number). We will add you to our list of people who have signed up to play this game in the coming months right here in Penang.


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