What Big Timer Taught Us

We introduced our card game for business, Big Timer, at our own Marketing Mojo Meetup event two days ago.

big timer business game penang
One of the cards in the Big Timer deck

Our attendees were super excited to play the game. In fact, playing games bring us all back to the days when we were kids.

Here’s what the attendees have to say after playing the game:

“Fantastic game regarding decision-making and time management. It shows us whether we need to upgrade our products or approach clients first. Decisions, decisions! The game makes it clear to entrepreneurs what needs to be done first.”

“The game is a very good way to kickstart our thinking. Like the idea of educating (about business) through games.”

“The card game is beneficial – helps us learn how each decision is made and how this leads to the growth of the company.”

“The game is interesting to simulate our real business environment especially the reality we may face in starting up a business. It teaches us what to focus on and how to spend time wisely!”

“Your game reminded me about how important it is to focus on¬†filtering customers.”

Want To Play This Game? 

If you do, email: info@redboxstudio.com with the subject: Big Timer (with your name and phone number). We will add you to our list of people who have signed up to play this game in the coming months right here in Penang.


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