Join Us For Marketing Mojo Meetup on 8 April

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“When is Marketing Mojo this year?”

Someone asked me this sometime ago.

If you’ve been waiting for this quarter’s Marketing Mojo Meetup, you’ll be glad to know that it is back albeit a little late.

It’s happening on 8 April, 3pm to 6pm at our favourite hangout in Penang, China House Cafe.

If you got our email, you’d know that we were tinkering with our website and overhauling it here and there.

After 2 years of organising events and taking payments manually, we knew we had to raise our own game and improve our website so that you can instantly book and pay for our events.

So that’s why we are a teeny-weeny bit late this time but all’s up and running.

You can head on over to our Marketing Mojo Meetup page and book your session.

When you get there, you’ll see that we re-designed the Marketing Mojo Meetup page too  Just to make it easier for you to grab the info and book.

Despite rising costs (GST and everything else), we’re still maintaining our affordable rate of RM50 per person inclusive of refreshments if you pre-book all 4 sessions this year.

The offer is so good that within moments of our email going out last week, many of our past attendees quickly booked and paid.


It’s gratifying to know that our marketing events are very much the highlight of your business lives and you just can’t wait to jump in and learn more!

For that, we thank you for your support!

So if you’re a solopreneur or a small business owner wondering what marketing is about, you need to attend this event and discover how much fun marketing can be. So head on over to our Marketing Mojo Meetup page and book your session today!

If you want to be informed of our events and such, remember to sign up below. If you are already getting emails from us, you’re already in our list so you don’t need to sign up again.

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