The Card Game Where It’s Not About The Money

We’re super excited for many reasons. This year we started off with a beta testing of our educational card game which Nic invented about sometime ago.

Thanks to First Penguin Sdn Bhd which hosted our Big Timer card game.
Thanks to First Penguin Sdn Bhd which hosted our Big Timer card game.


Unlike most games (board games or card games), ours doesn’t involve the accumulation of money. Money is important but that’s not the point of the game.

Our game teaches you the importance of a resource that everyone has in equal amounts. You can’t get more even if you wanted to, or had the means to.

Can you guess what it is?


Everyone wakes up with the same 24 hours in a day. You can’t have more but you can spend time recklessly.

You can use it wisely too.

But this game is an educational tool to teach entrepreneurs the importance of spending their time wisely.

Because as entrepreneurs, we seem to have a lot more things to do compared to others. We’re always getting ideas and seeing opportunities everywhere.

Some entrepreneurs we know are always busy. If you’re busy for the right reason, that’s fine but most of them are like hamsters in wheels. They’re running faster and faster in their wheels but going nowhere.

a group of friends playing Big Timer the card game where it's all about how you spend your time as an entrepreneur!
Beta testing Big Timer, the card game where it’s all about how you spend your time as an entrepreneur!



If you know Nic, he’s big on asking questions. He created this game because he felt most entrepreneurs run around like headless chickens – busy for the sake of being busy. Being busy is not real productivity.

Anyway, we beta-tested this game with friends early this month at First Penguin Sdn Bhd, a friend’s office, which is just opposite the USM Sg Dua entrance. We had a good mix of people – people in business, trainers, engineer and even a fresh-faced Form 6 student.

It’s not a zero-sum game; you don’t win at the expense of other players. You win because you understand how to spend your time!

We’re fine-tuning the game and look forward to the second round of testing.

So if you’re wondering why we’ve been so quiet lately, yes, we have been putting the finishing touches to our business game and if you’d like to help us beta test the game, leave us your name and contact details in the comments below.

Note that we can only take in beta testers who live in Penang. 😉 Each game can be played by 4 players within a time frame of 90 minutes or more. The winner is declared when she gets 10 points.


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