Photos of Our Christmas Lunch

This was a first for us this year.

Guests at our Christmas Lunch at China House Cafe
Guests at our Christmas Lunch at China House Cafe

We had the idea of organizing a special thank you Christmas lunch for our friends and clients as early as August.

We’ve been having many events in the past 2 years and we figured it would be fun to bring together friends and clients who have been our evangelists and supporters all this while.

Here are some of the photos of our Christmas lunch at China House Cafe – we specially ordered stuffed turkey, salmon and cream cheese empanadas, braised lamb (oh so yummy) in addition to the unique broccoli and mushroom salad. How could we leave without dessert – brownies and lemon almond syrup cake – that went splendidly with coffee and tea.

redbox studio christmas party

But more than just a party, it gave us an opportunity to introduce clients to one another. We’ve often believed in connecting people with each other. It’s amazing to see clients working together, helping each other and seeing fantastic results. The world is much better off with a spirit of abundance and healthy co-operation!

redbox studio guests and clients
Introducing clients to each other

(That’s why the women entrepreneur association I co-founded works along the same beliefs. We’re more than pleased to introduce good people to each other and see greater things happen and grow.)

And it also gave us an idea – we also wanted to introduce some of our friends’ and clients’ products to our guests so we had a Christmas draw.

christmas party for redbox studio clients

We’ve been extremely lucky that our clients and friends said yes and contributed generous prizes – ginseng flower tea and honey ginseng slices (from Global Ginseng), skincare and personal products (Human Nature Malaysia), charity concert tickets (Penang Adventist Hospital), Australian Botanical Soaps, dining vouchers (China House Cafe), essential oils and cooking supplies (Tropical Spice Garden) and rose soaps (from a friend who runs a Public Mutual agency).

We could safely say that all our guests went home pleased with gifts they’d won in our Christmas draw!

Mei Ling won soaps sponsored by Nature Quest Supplies in our Christmas draw
Mei Ling won soaps sponsored by Nature Quest Supplies in our Christmas draw

This year has been good to us in many ways. We started with Tech Tuesday many years ago and this free website education clinic is still going strong.

With Dr Somas, one of our clients
With Dr Somas, one of our clients

In May this year we started Level Up, an event that takes us around George Town to sample the interesting cafes while getting inspired.

And of course we have Marketing Mojo Meetup, our marketing education event where Nic teaches much of what we practise in our own web design business. We teach practical and proven marketing and we’re walking examples of what we preach.

Plus small business marketing is different from big business marketing.

As small businesses, we have to play smarter at the game of marketing. Our resources are limited hence our resourcefulness is in greater demand!

A Christmassy spread of food - stuffed turkey and lamb and more from China House Cafe
A Christmassy spread of food – stuffed turkey and lamb and more from China House Cafe

If you didn’t get to join us this year at our Christmas lunch, look out for more exciting events in 2015.

We’re starting again in January with Tech Tuesday. Marketing Mojo Meetup returns with gusto in March.

At the same time we’d like to offer our heartfelt sympathies to the families of the passengers and crew who perished in the AirAsia flight QZ8501 as well as fellow Malaysians whose homes were flooded in especially on the East Coast.

It does make the year end on a rather melancholy mood. That is why we resisted posting up these photos until today.

But we know many of you are excited to see the photos so here they are.

For more photos, visit our photo album on our Google+ page. Plus you can also have a look at our Marketing Mojo Meetup (Session #8) photos too.

Remember to catch our special Christmas video too!

As it is the last day of the year, we wish you lots of abundance, love and joy in 2015. May your business prosper, may you have new adventures and may you always be surrounded by good people and the finer things in life!

Happy New Year everyone!

redbox studio penang christmas party
Happy New Year everyone!





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