2 Events This Week

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This week is quite exciting for us as we have 2 events back to back.

One is of course Tech Tuesday which happens tomorrow at our office in USM from 3pm to 5pm.

Our final session this month is on 16 December so if you’re interested to know how websites can help you with your business and marketing and you want to know what website solutions or website options you can have, sign up for Tech Tuesday.

The other one is Marketing Mojo Meetup which happens on Wednesday, 3 December from 3 to 6pm at China House Cafe. This is a paid event and is highly anticipated by our own Redbox Studio clients and friends.

This is also the final session for the year (we have a session every 3 months). What you learn in these sessions are better and smarter ways to market. Marketing is often challenging for small business owners.

We understand this because we ourselves are small business owners. We understand your pains and frustrations.

We know how crazy it can get with running your own business.

You may have staff to help out but you’re the captain of the ship so to speak. And as the “captain”, ¬†you decide how the business should be marketed.

In our sessions, you get helped by other business owners. It’s amazing when you listen to the excellent ideas that some of these business owners have. Some came to us cautious about marketing and they’ve turned out to be the most excited about marketing now!

You don’t have to think of all the ideas on your own. We’ve set up our sessions to be all about generous sharing of ideas among entrepreneurs and business owners.

Marketing Mojo Meetups were conceived to help our own clients get smarter with their marketing and also give them an alternative method to think about marketing without resorting to price-cutting techniques or sleazy salesmanship.

Over the past 2 years, many clients and friends have enjoyed our honest sessions where we share real and workable marketing techniques. That is why many people keep coming back and eagerly look forward to these sessions. They’ve seen what real marketing can do for them.

We will also have a special event coming up on 20 December just for Redbox Studio clients and that’s our Christmas Tea Party. If you’re a client, look out for the invitation in your inbox real soon.



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