And We Have A Winner!

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Phew, the voting went fast and furious the last few days on our blog.

In case you don’t know what we’re talking about, have a look at these 3 photos which were submitted for our Redbox Studio’s 16th Anniversary Contest.

As the votes rolled in, it showed a clear winner.

Everyone absolutely loved Photo B which was a photo of rubber bands arranged to form the number 16.

We had a total of 61 votes of which 55 voted for Photo B.

So congratulations to our undisputed winner, Thenmozhi Kannan, who has won for herself a Redbox Easyweb Pro worth RM999 for a year’s use!

While Teviot Fairservis and Andrew Koay did not win, we still appreciate the effort they took to compose their photos.

Thank you all for taking part and joining in the fun for our 16th Anniversary contest!



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