Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly? Here’s How To Check

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Is your website mobile-friendly?

Now you don’t have to guess. Google offers you a free tool to check if your website is as mobile-friendly as your website designer says it is.

These days, when people search for your website on Google, the search engine serves up results with a difference. It indicates if your website is suitable for viewing on your smartphone or mobile device.

So what makes a mobile version different from your regular desktop version of your website?

Here’s what Google says:

“Have you ever tapped on a Google Search result on your mobile phone, only to find yourself looking at a page where the text was too small, the links were tiny, and you had to scroll sideways to see all the content? This usually happens when the website has not been optimized to be viewed on a mobile phone.

This can be a frustrating experience for our mobile searchers. Starting today, to make it easier for people to find the information that they’re looking for, we’re adding a “mobile-friendly” label to our mobile search results.”

Your website is considered mobile-friendly and gets the Google mobile friendly label on search engine results when it:

  • Does not use Flash
  • Contains text that is readable without zooming or “pinching”
  • The page fits your screen size nicely so users don’t need to scroll horizontally or zoom
  • Has links which can be easily tapped (the links are not too near each other)


The websites we design for clients are 100% mobile-friendly and comes with our full website design package. Talk to us if you’re ready to embrace mobile web!


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