Win Redbox Easyweb Pro In Our 16th Anniversary Contest

October has always been a special month for us as it is our anniversary month.

Today, 10 October marks our 16 years in the web design business. It has been quite a journey!

When we first started, the Internet in Malaysia was still in its babyhood. We started in the days of the dail-up! And there was no wifi back then either. Computers were expensive. And people didn’t know what a website did.

So yeah, those were the days!

That is why we’re so grateful for what we have today. (I for one am always thankful for my Apple devices. They’re always intuitively simple and using¬†them is a true pleasure. If we hadn’t lived through those days of Internet wild wild west, we wouldn’t appreciate the technological progress we have and enjoy right now!)

As always, we want to do something to appreciate the people who have been our clients, friends and evangelists all these years. The clients that we started with in 1998 are still with us! Isn’t that something!

Hence, this contest where we are giving away a Redbox Easyweb Pro system worth RM999 via a photo contest.

After all, what with smartphones and monopods, it’s easier than ever to snap a photo. (And we know you absolutely love taking photos!)

So check out our 16th anniversary contest at this page:

And hurry – the deadline’s 24 October!



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