Unlimited Webpages: Is It Good For Me?

fruit tarts at a buffet


Just yesterday I was speaking to someone who wanted a quotation for website design and she asked me this question:

“I see that some designers offer unlimited webpages in their packages. How does this work and is it good for my company?”

Most people are usually taken up by the fact that they get “unlimited” web pages. Somehow it makes you think of a buffet where you can eat many, many rounds.

This seems like a pretty good deal until you realize that you have only 1 stomach.

And that is where you know no matter how much you try to stuff into your stomach, you ultimately reach your limit or you puke.

Still, the same concept holds I guess in non-food related industries.

What people don’t realize with unlimited pages for web design is this – it is easy to create unlimited (blank) pages in a website.

What’s hard is filling those blank pages with readable, logical content!


What You Don’t Know Can Kill You

Most web designers don’t offer website design packages with content thrown in because writing content is not only difficult, but tedious, time-consuming and challenging.

Most times, the “content” that is given by the client is literally slapped into the website as it is. After all, the client gave the content so the content must be usable, right?


What the client gives is usually facts and often, very dry facts (trust me, I’ve been writing for a long time and when clients say they have content, it just means they have some facts strung up in a sentence or a paragraph).

It is the job of the copywriter to turn these dry as cornflakes facts into true content that’s readable and engaging to the website user.

It is the job of the copywriter who has experience with search engine optimization to include the right words or phrases into the content to attract both website users and search engines.

It is also the job of the copywriter to make your business appealing, personable and friendly using words.

And if done really right, the copywriter should have some marketing chops to persuade the website user that you are the business to do business with.


The Responsibility Is On You

Just say you saw a website package with unlimited pages and you go, Oh wow. I can create as many webpages as I like.

But don’t forget, your ability to get as many webpages as you want is determined by the content that you need to provide the website designer.

Or else, he’ll shrug and say “Well, I did tell you I would give you unlimited webpages but you see, you can’t give me enough content for the pages so we’ll just stick to 5 pages for now.”

So that is why while unlimited pages sound like a pretty darn good deal, the responsibility actually falls on you, the client, to write and provide the content that goes on those pages that you’ve ordered.

Most clients may know their business well but writing content for websites isn’t something they know. It is best to leave it to the experts to help you with your website content or website copywriting.

So the next time you get a quote for website design, read the fine print. If the website package comes with unlimited pages, ask them: so who will write the content?

Maybe it’s not their fault because most web designers fall so much in love with design that they completely disregard the need and importance of content.

For us, content and design are equally important. When we offer a quote for website design, our price┬áincludes web copywriting and that is why we cap the number of webpages. The responsibility is on us to craft the content that shapes your website and that is why we don’t offer unlimited pages.

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