Got A Shovel or Lamp for Your Pirates?

How do we market to prospects?

Do you think prospects buy the first time they meet you? Not really.

The problem is, most entrepreneurs assume prospects are always “hot” – they’re ready to buy. This is certainly not true. But if you lose a prospect just because he is not hot enough when you’re ready to sell, then you should understand our treasure island analogy.

Nic uses analogies a lot because they’re shortcuts and visual pictures for the brain.


This round (actually yesterday), our Marketing Mojo Meetup participants learned that they should be offering a unique treasure for their pirates.

Who’s Your Pirate?

Pirates are the specific groups who will benefit the most from using your product or service.

Many entrepreneurs don’t focus on specific groups. When they try to market to everyone, their marketing fails.

They’re not specific enough with whom they want to target. And most times, they refuse to choose a group!

Here’s why choosing a group is important and most importantly, a time-saver.

Marketing to a specific group keeps you focused. When you’re focused, you make your marketing more effective.

For instance, Mardilyn, one of our participants, says her target group isn’t just parents but desperate parents who have screaming toddlers! Now with this specific group of parents in mind, she can put all her energy into finding this group.

Here’s An Example

Take our case for instance. We’re looking to work with small business owners who have been in business for at least 3 years, have had terrible experiences with their previous website designer and would like to see some real results with their website for a change. This is the group we are looking for. It is with this group that we can really demonstrate the expertise and knowledge that’s not just about website design but website design infused with marketing smarts.

If you know whom you are targeting, then and only then can you create the rightful treasure for them!

If you don’t know who you want to be of service to, you’ll spend all your money on everyone but not everyone is your customer.

That’s why mass distribution of flyers don’t work. They’re not targetted enough.

Your flyer goes into the hands of the 70 year old uncle, the 15 year old Korean-mad teenager, the 35 year old stay-at-home mom with 2 young kids and the 45 year old bachelor. Are all of these your customers?




Getting Into The Hot Seat

One of the interesting things about yesterday’s Marketing Mojo Meetup was the Hot Seat session.

Two participants had the chance to come to the front and talk about their own “treasure” for their “pirates”.

As Nic explained, your treasure isn’t your product.

It is usually the results or outcomes of using your product.

It’s not a feature either. And it’s not a cheaper price or your on-time delivery.

Many of our guests went home brimming with ideas for their own “treasure” and wondering what their “shovel” and “lamp” would be.




Final Session 3 December

Catch us for our final Marketing Mojo Meetup session (our #8 session since we started last year) on 3 December (Wed), 3pm-6pm at China House Cafe.

We’d be talking about “Aligning Heaven & Earth” which our guests had a sneak preview of, on Wednesday. See….you mustn’t  miss the session because it’s always about the good stuff! 


Coming Up in 2015

For 2015, we will only open Marketing Mojo Meetup sessions for a limited number of participants on a pre-paid basis.

Walk-ins will be paying double the rate (RM100 each).

So if you want to pre-pay for 2015 (pre-pay all 4 sessions – in total RM200), email us ( before 1 November to lock down your seat.

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