Why Cheap Is Harmful To Your Business

when cheap websites can be as dangerous as playing with fire

We’ve been in this website design industry long enough (actually 16 19 years) to have seen and heard them all.

The horror stories. The crazy stories.

We’re The 911 For Website Issues

But every other day, we still get SOS calls from people, usually business owners, who are desperate to get themselves a new website. They’re desperate because their current website is either used for phishing or their website has expired or something weird has happened (usually technical) and they have no freaking idea how to solve their website problems.

So here’s the thing – and I am writing this because I want you to be informed. When we tell people our fully customised websites cost RM20,000, they say they can get a website for far cheaper than that.

You can get a website designed for RM3,000. Just the website mind you. No content. That you have to provide to the web designer.

On the flipside, when you come to us, we provide you not just design but also website content that includes positioning and strategy. (See our clients we’ve brought to clients and read how their businesses have grown.)

Website content that is specifically written for your business, to target your customers and to get you business. That’s why you’re paying a premium – you are paying for marketing that’s built into your website.

Website content that works is actually called copywriting. Copywriting is not about writing  the perfect sentence. It is about words that persuade and convince your website visitors to believe in you and take action such as visit your business, buy from you, or contact you.

Most designers offer cheap websites because their web design does not include content/writing and definitely no marketing strategy.

What they usually do is that they will ask you for your company profile stuff (basically your content) and copy and paste this content into the website.

Hey presto, your website is done.

But that is precisely why it won’t work and won’t get your business any customers! (This is what happens in 90% of the websites out there. This is why most websites don’t work. They’re never designed to work in the first place.)

When Your Website Goes Bad

Anyway, I want to talk about cheap websites of another kind. The kind where you pay RM3,000 for a website and think you got a deal.

The nice news is, you THINK you got yourself a deal.

The bad news is, the website template or the plugins (which that freelancer of yours downloaded for free) may be riddled with security issues.

Be very worried when your freelancer says “You can easily manage your own site – just log in and add whatever you want. You don’t even need to go through me.”

That’s true but he also forgets to tell you that your site need to be backed up and the software needs to be updated.

You won’t know why all this is important until Google marks your website as a website that is harmful or dangerous to other website users!

(Google will alert website users before they land on your website asking if they want to proceed to your website. Most users will be scared off!)

What’s Phishing?

“Phishing websites are designed to trick you into disclosing your login, password or other sensitive information by disguising themselves as other websites you may trust.” 

In short, your site (that super cheapie one that you thought was a bargain) is now a big liability!

Your reputation is ruined, your website visitors won’t dare to visit your website and you have no idea how to get rid of this problem.

Or your website contains bad or harmful code which infects other users’ PCs when they visit your website. Regular, legitimate websites become malware sites when hackers exploit a loophole or find some vulnerability in the websites. All they want to do is steal precious login information so they can hack into your bank accounts to get your money. This is the financial gain or “jackpot” that hackers are looking for.

Or these cyber criminals can also hack into your site to add spammy content such as spammy comments at your blog or hide spammy content in your site, linking your site to theirs. They’re essentially using your website to get them traffic and hopefully, business!

While having your website reported as a phishing or malware website is not the end of the world, you could spend a lot of time fixing the problem. The recovery time depends on how good a technical expert you are in fixing your technical loophole. If you are like most people, not very tech-savvy, you could spend a lot of money on the recovery process (getting rid of the malware, removing spam etc.)!

So what are you REALLY buying when you buy a website?
  • You are buying reliability.
  • You are buying peace of mind.
  • You are buying technical support and help.
  • You are buying safety online.
  • You are buying credibility.
  • You are buying marketing help and advice.

You could get a cheap website today but you could spend a lot of money trying to restore or recover your website when the bad stuff happens.

What’s worse, your business reputation could go down the drain too!

So before you buy a website, be careful and ask questions – the more questions the better. Know what you are getting for the price that you’re paying.

Buying a website based on price could be a bad decision when your website is compromised.

Unless you are a tech geek and can solve your own technical issues with ease, it is always safer to pay for expertise and work with people who are reputable and reliable and most importantly, available to help you when you need help.

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