Do You Maintain Websites?

Here’s a question we got a few days ago via email.

“If I already have a website, could I get you guys at Redbox Studio to maintain it for me?”


Here’s what we say.
Every web designer has their own way of creating a website so in all honesty, it would be counter-productive to take over the management of an existing website.

It is best to start anew and work with people who agree from the start to manage a website instead of relegating the task of updating the website back to the website owner.

We have encountered many such stories before.

Many web designers especially freelancers will often design a website and return the website to the owner because updating and managing a website after it is completed is often time-consuming and tedious.

It’s also because they designed a website without thinking that a website needs to be updated regularly!

When we design a website for a client, we design it to be updated frequently and to be managed by our own team.

We know our system inside out and hence can assure clients of 24 hours’ turnaround time.

We cannot assure clients of a 24 hour turnaround time if we have to figure out the back-end of a website that is not built by us.

It’s like a car. Two cars may look exactly the same on the outside but pop the hood and you will see how their engines and parts can be arranged differently.

Website Maintenance or Website Management – What’s The Difference?

We used to talk about website maintenance but we found that it did not properly describe what we do for all our clients. Website maintenance implies some sort of fixing when the website is not working properly.

We do more than that. That is why we call our services website management.

Our website management services cover more than just maintenance, it covers planning, organizing and coordinating the website so that your website works like a dream, presents your business in the best light (information is always up-to-date) and helps you plan for your future upgrade and expansion.

For some clients who are organizations with hundreds of members, we even help them with the upkeep of their members’ databases and help them email their members about the latest industry news.

We keep their databases secure and updated with the latest email address changes as well ensure the strictest confidentiality in all outgoing emails.

In fact we have an eye on the future as we often take into account the future changes in the technology – always planning the most effective method for these organizations to communicate with their members.

In many ways, we function as their outsourced IT & Marketing department but of course their websites are built and designed by us so our team knows exactly how to do all these things quickly and effortlessly.

When a website is managed properly, it gets you prospects and clients all year long, builds your online presence sensibly and lets you dominate your industry that is often offline.

You are a rare breed who understands and values the importance of having a website to market your business.

Note that many of your competitors still don’t get it despite knowing that people search for everything they need and do their research online now.

Imagine the prospects they are losing out on without a website or with a website that’s just the same like any other out there.

Have a question about websites? Email us (info at redboxstudio dot com) and we will answer your question in this blog of ours. It’s a great way to clear your doubts!

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