Do You Want a Partner or Vendor?



One of the unique qualities of working with Redbox Studio is this – we take care of your website like it is our website.

You may be thinking, how so?

How many website design companies do you know that actually check clients’ websites regularly?

Not many.

Because frankly, that’s the last thing any website design company will do.

(And honestly – even if they didn’t do it, the clients will¬†NEVER KNOW.)

Worse, they may have even handed back the website to you hoping that you can take care of the maintenance of your website (or at least get your own staff to do it). Most website designers don’t care much for maintaining or managing websites for their clients – it’s too much work!

So how do we help our clients?

Here’s a recent example.

We have a client who is in the business of offering quick and easy tours for passengers on transit at KLIA. We manage and maintain his website in tip-top shape so that his website attracts the right kind of customers.

The website is full of useful travel tips besides offering short adventure trips to the local areas such as Sepang Formula One Circuit, etc.

However, the client is busy with his business. As their online presence partner, we help them take care of what’s on the website.

We’re their outsourced website experts; we can advise them on what’s needed and what’s not needed.

Don’t Call Us Vendors…We’re Not That Kind of People

That is why we’re not a vendor – we’re your partner.

If you’re looking for a vendor to design your website, we’re not the people for you. You can get any cheap website designer to do your bidding and be your design arm.

But if you need experts who can build strategy into a website for marketing purposes, then you call Redbox Studio. Our website formula has worked beautifully for clients who trust us and trust the process which we have refined over the years of building, designing and writing websites.

So back to the story.

With the recent closing down of LCCT and with all the low cost airline carriers moving to KLIA2, we take the initiative to alert our busy client and let him know that we’re removing all references to LCCT in the website content. We encourage him to add information about KLIA2 since it is the newest airline hub.

Our website content is written specifically to attract human readers and search engines. Yet our content is never dry or boring. It is written to help you attract prospects and customers and search engines.

Why add content, you may ask?

Content is why you and I go online for. We ask Google for all kinds of information.

The best kind of website is the website which attracts search engines naturally, contains original and frequently updated content in the form of articles and website content clean-ups (such as removing outdated information, adding news and promotions and more).

When you work with us, know that you never have to prompt us about your website – in fact it is the other way around. We will prompt you to give us the right content so that you can continue to enjoy natural ranking on search engines.

That’s the difference between working with a vendor and working with a partner. Partners take care of each other; vendors just want to get your money and be done with it.


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