How To Be Distinctive In Your Marketplace



Many people have a fear of not offering enough variety, especially if they run a business.

When they start a business, they will offer almost everything that their competitors are offering, sometimes even more.

If they are a printing business, they will print everything under the sun – business cards, brochures, banners, flyers, stickers – you name it, they have it.

And even when they don’t have it, they will say they have it – such as website design, ecommerce and more. After all, they think, “If we don’t offer it to our customers, they will look elsewhere. We might as well earn their money!”

This mindset is prevalent among a lot of small businesses. They can’t seem to say no – it feels almost criminal to say that they don’t offer a certain service or product. So they end up saying yes for every other service or product that their customers request.

Unfortunately, this means many of these businesses work themselves to the bone, see their profit margins shrink over the years and in the end, gets trumped by some upstart!

What Are You Really, Really Good At?

Small businesses never think of specializing. But then again, how could they be experts if they did everything and anything? Where would they find time to polish their competencies and skills?

To be an expert takes time, money and effort.

That’s why most small businesses are jack of all trades and masters of none.

And in years to come, they wake up and realize they’re just like everybody else and not distinctive at all.

The issue with being virtually indistinguishable from their competitors is that their product or service becomes a commodity.

Commodities aren’t special and commodity suppliers get crushed when price wars erupt. Margins are slashed because the small business owner has nothing unique to offer.

We’ve always been proponents of niches, focus and specialization because we ourselves have done it, and have used this strategy for website clients and have proven results of such a strategy.

We’re specialists in business websites – this means, we know how to create a marketing tool within your website so that you are visible online (get ranked on the first page of Google organically), get credible (website visitors instantly know you are trustworthy when they land on your website) and get profitable (when website visitors turn into customers).

You Start By Knowing What You Don’t Offer

In order to become who we are, we have to say no clearly and firmly. For example, we don’t offer print design. We don’t design company profiles. We don’t offer websites with animation.

The upside of knowing what we don’t offer is that we have time to go deep into our areas of specialization (design, writing, marketing).

We get to deep dive and know a lot more stuff.

And we are able to distinguish ourselves from other website design companies.

Other website design companies may be able to design you a website but they will not be able to advise you on marketing – and not just any marketing. We have created an entire marketing system based on the 36 principles extracted from Wing Chun martial art.

Heck, we teach marketing in our own workshops and events.

When you’ve found your niche, you can’t be dislodged as easily as someone who offers everything.

Who gets paid more – a general practitioner (GP) or a specialist at the hospital?

The truth is, it’s human nature to fear that if you just did one thing, you’d lose out on profits.

But the real truth is, if you don’t start to focus and specialise, you will never be known and you may be wiped out of business very soon.

If you want to learn what it takes to be a specialist in your business, join us in our upcoming Marketing Mojo sessionĀ happening at China House Cafe.

We can guarantee you’ve never seenĀ marketing taught this way.


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