How Important Is Website Content?


Myth: Website content is not important.
All you need is a beautifully designed website.
Fact: Website content is extremely important especially today.

If all you have is a beautiful website without any substantial content, you will be spending more money to get traffic (website visitors) to your website. You have to try harder to attract people to stay on your website.

The natural way (and the way we’ve been using for years and years now) is to start with website content. Start with providing interesting knowledge and information that you have and that you know about to attract your prospects to come to your website. (For example, you’re reading this right now, aren’t you?)

Most web design companies do not care about offering website content writing services. This is why you will never see a copywriter/writer in a web design team. For them, website content is irrelevant and should be provided by the client. If the client gives them information copied from his company brochure, then the design team will just use verbatim the information and stuff that into the website.

The problem is, what is written for print is never suitable for the web. People read the web differently. People seem to have less patience online. People need to find out if your content is interesting or useful. If it is neither,  they leave.

The only way to get them to stay is to provide content that is specifically written for them.

And this is where a website copywriter is the most important person on the team, even before the website design is conceptualized.

Quality website content isn’t a rehashing of what the client has in his company brochure.

Quality website copywriting persuades visitors and turns them into prospects or customers.

Quality website copywriting starts with a web copywriter talking to you and understanding your objectives for the website. It involves a keen understanding of what prospects are searching for, online so that the final website content contains the relevant keywords for that business.

It needs to be written for humans to read and for search engines to index. That by itself is an art and science.

Quality website content also incorporates the right keywords so that your website attracts search engines naturally! Even if you don’t choose to pay for advertising online, your website will still be ranked organically! That’s the power of words on your website.

Website content must be engaging, simple to understand with adequate empathy. Like any good story, it must attract you enough to keep you reading.

It needs to include specific goals that must be met.

The final outcome is original website content, personalized to your business.

But how do you know that the website content works? It works when website visitors immediately trust you when they land on your website and are happy to take the action that you recommend them to. It could be contacting you for an appointment, filling up your form, taking a survey, downloading your resources or even calling you up.

The truth is, if you want to have your website get  to the top of the search engines, start with improving your website content.


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