Ghost Bridges & Pirate’s Treasure

We had an amazing turnout on 4 June  for our Marketing Mojo Meetup at China House Cafe.

Some new faces, some old faces but all eager to learn how to market smarter.


As usual, it was full of exciting networking opportunities, good food and of course, some totally different ideas about getting the prospects to come to you.

Jeevan tucks into the signature tiramisu, watched on by Mardilyn.

After all, we hear this all the time from business owners and sales executives – “How do I get people interested in my products?”


In this session, Nic started by saying that most business owners think that they just need to distribute enough flyers, talk to enough people or exhibit at enough trade shows to get prospects to come to them. Nothing could be further from the truth! Think about it.


When you are out and about and you get a flyer thrust into your hands, what do you do? You look at it and if it doesn’t interest you, you chuck it into the nearest rubbish bin! If you were the business owner, you would see your money literally being dumped into the trash.

We start off with introductions so that all attendees maximize their networking opportunities.

Because everything that you print or give out costs you money. It may cost you 20 cents to produce and print a flyer but multiply that 20 cents by 10,000 people and you can see that the mistake of not thinking through about who you really want to target will eat a hole in your pocket.

Doreen is a Marketing Mojo returnee – she attended the previous event and came back for more marketing ideas.

There must be a smarter and cleverer way to market. And a more economical way to get the prospects to raise their hands and come to you willingly.

Jeremy is from the weighing scales business and he is a regular at our Marketing Mojo Meetups.

That should be the right way, isn’t it? After all, you only want the most qualified prospects. You don’t want people who’re never going to buy. Some people will never buy, no matter what you say. These are the people you don’t want to waste your time with.

Mardilyn, Philip and Prudence getting to know each other over cakes and coffee.
Ghost Bridges & Pirates

That’s why Nic says you have to stop building ghost bridges! Ghost bridges are the flyers, brochures, free gifts, etc. which you give out to people, hoping that they will turn into prospects.


You may think you’re building “bridges” which connect you to your best buyers but you’re really doing what every other competitor of yours is doing. What you should focus on is “creating treasure” to attract people to  you and tell you in no uncertain terms that they’re there for your “treasure”.

Nic’s handouts for attendees are always graphical, concise and fit perfectly into an A4 page.

Nic explains that the “treasure” represents something of value that you can offer to prospects so that they can show themselves to you! You know how pirates of the olden days sail the world over looking for precious treasure? Well, you’re going to be one creating the treasure for your “pirates”!

You never need to ask who your prospect is IF you can put up a rich enough and tempting enough treasure to get them all to come to you. When a prospect willingly comes to you via natural attraction means, he is more willing to listen to you and values your skills, expertise and products. He is already convinced that you can help him.


You didn’t have to force him to come to you. The prospect has already bought into your idea. You can’t sell anyone until he is already partially convinced on his own. Isn’t this a much better way to sell than knocking on doors and being kicked out or have the door or phone slammed in your face rudely?

More cakes, more coffee and more networking!
Crowd Consulting Concept

We also introduced “Crowd Consulting” to the 19 attendees of this session where we paired people up (randomly) to help someone uncover their “treasure”. Everyone loved the session as it gave attendees a chance to brainstorm and generously contribute ideas to each other’s business.


Another reason for this exercise is that while we help others think of their “treasure” we’re more inclined to get our brain juices flowing and think of some “treasures” of our own!


As you can see, each Marketing Mojo Meetup brings people together to collaborate.

Collaboration with people of different industries help us all see how ideas in one industry can be easily applied into another, sometimes with modification, sometimes without.


So What’s For September?

In our upcoming 3 September edition of Marketing Mojo Meetup, Nic will explain about warming up your prospects – the people you have attracted to you using your “treasure”.  He’ll reveal one simple method which gives you a lot of leverage while helping save you time and money.


The interesting part is, your competitor will never know you’re using this method to turn prospects into lifelong customers! Eager to learn that?

Trust us, you’ll never see anything like the likes of it in Penang.

Why Marketing Mojo?

You may know of web design companies in Penang that design websites but you have never seen a web design company teach you marketing fundamentals the way we do.  We take marketing seriously because our websites are built for marketing, not just for looking pretty.

Plus our concepts and ideas for marketing are 100% original, exclusively derived from the Wing Chun martial art system to help you understand marketing without sweat, blood or tears.

Sign up now for our 3 September session or if you’ve attended, why not rope in your friends for this upcoming September session?

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