11 Tips For Managing Your Facebook Page

Are you on Facebook?

I know. What sort of question is that? Almost everyone has succumbed to the peer pressure. If you’re not on Facebook, you’re missing out on lots of updates especially from friends and long-lost family.

But Facebook is somewhat trickier for businesses.

Many business owners think of saving themselves a bundle by creating a Facebook Page and not having anything much of an online presence besides their FB Page.

It’s a place for you to get visible. But it is also a tough place to visible. Look at the thousands of Facebook Pages available. Your Page is one of the many.

We like Facebook but we’re not exactly banking on Facebook for anything more than a platform for us to add value (provide quality education) to our clients, friends and fans.

We like to think of Facebook as a pipeline or a channel. It is also a place for you to talk to friends, fans and customers.

People mostly forget that today’s technology allows 2-way communication. And business owners often think in terms of ME, ME & ME….as in “why are people not sharing my content, or leaving comments or raving about my page?”

Excuse me but who shares stuff which isn’t exciting or plain repetitive or things which keep on screaming “Buy my products today!”

Like duh!

Many people have asked us for tips for using Facebook Pages and here’s what we’ve learnt, as we manage our own Facebook Page (we enjoy doing it on our own but not everyone feels the same way).

Are You Pointing A Gun At Them?

Here’s the crux – stop forcing people to LIKE your page just because it exists. No one will do it unless they’re family and they’re too embarrassed to say no, or you’ve pointed a gun at them.

In our case, like our page ONLY IF you want to get quality, no-hype knowledge about marketing and websites – we’re very targeted in our Facebook updates.

We won’t share if there’s nothing worth sharing. So you won’t be bombarded by fluff. Ever. Guaranteed.


11 Tips We Know About Managing Facebook Pages
1. Set up a proper sharing schedule.

You can share once a day or twice a day or even 4 times a day. The key question to ask yourself: Is it useful to my customers? Will this update or post help them in any way? If it sucks, delete it. Don’t share something just because you think you need to be frequent. A quality post is always better than a bunch of silly posts.

2. Be a good neighbour.

Find some Facebook Page which you like (genuinely so) and go make some friends on those pages. It won’t kill you and won’t dilute your brand. It will make you look like a hero because you know you’re not an island and there are some truly cool businesses and cool Facebook Pages out there with content worth sharing with your fans.

3. Know how to portion your posts.

Too many “promotional offers” and you start to look desperate. Have a good balance – some say 80/20 of each type of posts. Our take is that you need at least 80% of educational posts and 20% of promotional offers. What is educational? Everything you know about your products which your customers don’t is actually highly educational.

4. Schedule your posts.

The biggest problem with social media is that we all lack time. We have too many things to do! How do you get around to posting your updates on Facebook (especially if you’re the hands-on entrepreneur?) Facebook has a scheduling option which lets you write an update but post it on the date and time of your liking. This feature helps a lot in getting your posts consistent. Then again, don’t abuse it. You still have to pop in to your own Facebook Page and answer comments.

5. Use your mothership.

If you have a Facebook Page and you have a website, you can do this. Put up your news or announcement or event on your website. Copy the said page link and paste this into your Facebook Page. Why do you do this? So you can draw interested customers and fans to check out the news on your website. We do this all the time because our website is the HQ/the mother ship. It is THE place to get the most updated information. The Facebook Page is the channel or the pipe leading the curious to your website. Many entrepreneurs don’t use Facebook this way which is truly a pity! The problem with Facebook is that only the most recent posts get seen and rest are filed away so people have to search through all your posts to find what they want. Having a website is a lot easier because a website has proper navigation.

6. Communicate with others.

Leave comments on other Facebook Pages. Getting involved with Facebook is just like making friends. If you don’t start talking to people, who is going to talk to you? It’s not just about “liking” their posts but about making useful, valuable conversations. If you’re going to comment on a post, make sure you have something interesting to contribute or add on!

7. Plan out your monthly topics.

It’s just too easy to post as and when you like, on whatever haphazard topic you happen to think of today. If you planned out your topics in advance, you will have more useful posts! Of course this entails a bit of work but hey, your Facebook Page is your “face” to the world. People want to learn from you. So make sure when your posts show up, they have something worth learning! For instance, the topics we often share about are books we read, marketing tips and ideas (offline and online), copywriting tips, what makes a good or bad website, and the psychology of buying.

8. Include a photo whenever possible.

Our own analysis of our own Facebook Page shows that updates with photos gets a lot of interest! And if your photo includes people, all the better. Nothing draws interest like photos of other people (we’re all curious animals!). But make sure your photos are meaningful and relevant to your update. Taking your own photos are the best ways to ensure you don’t run into sticky copyright issues.

9. Sport some sassiness.

The best types of people are the people who have their own quirky personalities. The same logic applies to Facebook Pages. It’s often tough for businesses to show their fun and funky side. And sometimes we ask, why not?  Professionalism doesn’t mean you can’t laugh at yourself, or show your customers or fans a vulnerable side of you or your company. As long as the joke’s clean (and on you and not on someone else) and as long as it shows who you are as a business, go ahead and put some fun into your Facebook Page. We’ve shared about our cat, we’ve shared about the interesting places we’ve visited while abroad and we’ve shared about the ups and downs of our lives.

10. Your kids are not marketing experts.

Don’t get your son or daughter to manage your Facebook Page please. This is a top tip because your son and daughter may be all techy and brilliant on social media but they are not your PR/Customer Service people. They know technology but they may not know marketing. And essentially marketing is what your Facebook Page is doing. I see this all the time. If you are confused about Facebook, please hire or outsource your Facebook Page management needs. Your kids may be great at navigating social media but they don’t have the right skills or mindset to help you unless they’ve been sent for training. That said, don’t put your clerk as the chief updater for your Facebook Page just because no one in the office can take on the role.

11. Know your numbers.

Check your stats and numbers regularly to see which posts are popular or which ones get the least eyeballs. Know who visits your page. Know which times are best. Know if more men or more women visit. You can only improve if you know where you are at. That’s how we realized our photos got a lot of eyeballs!

So there you have it – some practical tips for using Facebook as an entrepreneur.  If you have any excellent tips for managing Facebook Pages, do leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your take!

Managing pages on Facebook isn’t just about putting up an update whenever you remember. It is more than that. It needs a strategy and a plan. It needs proper and thorough thinking because people form opinions about you and your business. Each touch point is an opportunity to impress.

But if you’re really sick and tired of managing your own Facebook Page and need some expert help, do contact us. I am sure we’d have the right Facebook management package for your needs.






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