Building Your Marketing Bridge

“Good sharing among industry players.”

“Attendees are very supportive in helping each other with marketing challenges.”


“Nic’s sharing was excellent.”

“Enjoyable session – good that it’s done in a casual atmosphere with a small group.”


“Very insightful. As always, Nic’s advice helps us look at the bigger picture and think out of the box. I loved hearing the suggestions and advice from the other business owners too.”


“Fruitful! I learnt a lot today!”

“Good ideas, eye-opening and great for networking!”


These are just some of the comments we received from the business owners who attended our Marketing Mojo Meetup on 5 March at China House Cafe.

Maybe it’s the food (after all China House Cafe does make the best cakes and pastries this side of town).


Maybe it’s the camaraderie because the people who attend are usually our friends and clients.


Maybe it’s the fact that we set the tone for the event – let’s share openly and generously with each other so that we can collectively benefit from the ideas generated at this event (and spur you to implement better marketing).


Even if you had no idea what Marketing Mojo Meetup was about, you’d sooner or later resemble our attendees – regular returnees who keep raving about the event to their friends and colleagues because each time you attend, you learn something new, you meet someone who could give you a leg-up in business or you find yourself getting excited with lots of totally radical ideas about marketing.


This time around, Nic shared about one of the most common marketing challenges – how to find prospects.

After all, if you are in business, you’re probably thinking about this all the time. How do you reach out to the people who are going to buy your product or use your service? Where do you find them? And when you do find them, what can you say to them so that they’re interested in what you offer?

The first question you need to answer is: Who is your prospect?




The most common answer to that would be: Everybody.

But when you answer everybody, you are actually saying, nobody. If you as a marketer cannot even describe who needs your product or why they would need it, you won’t be able to market successfully. The first step for anyone to market is to identify their prospect.

Let’s use fishing as our analogy. If you wanted to catch some fish, you’d have to identify what kind of fish you’d want. What are you attempting to net? Sharks? Prawns? Crabs? Stingrays? Barracudas? Mackerel? Once you identify the fish you want, you can get the right bait to lure the fish to you.


It’s the same in marketing. If you do not know who your prospects are, you cannot provide the right offer to get them to be interested in your business.

So let’s say that you have identifed your prospect. Now we can get serious.


When you have prospects in mind (usually a group of people identifiable by their needs, occupations or characteristics), you need to call out to the prospect and you need to inform him of his current situation versus an ideal situation. He must first realize he is in a situation where he has some problem, issue or discomfort (his current situation or Point A). Your job is to educate him so that he realizes he should be at his ideal situation (or Point B).

Many business owners get it wrong when they’re out looking for prospects. They put all their effort into thinking about getting people to buy.

That’s totally wrong.

If you’re a smart marketer/business owner, you should be focusing on building a “bridge” which closes the gap between you and your prospect!


Attendees of our recently concluded Marketing Mojo Meetup learnt about the 12 “bridges” that they could use to interest their prospects. These 12 “bridges” are 12 methods for prospect attraction.

Building the Bridge is an excerpt from our Redbox X-Factor system – a marketing system created by Nic from his understanding of Wing Chun martial art.


Marketing Mojo Meetups are organized once every quarter to help you understand that marketing can be exciting and fun. We also tap into the collective experience and wisdom of our attendees – we encourage everyone to speak up and share their suggestions to help each other out whenever there is a marketing problem.

This allows everyone to think about marketing and in turn, spark off their own ideas for their own businesses.


The networking is often excellent because you’re meeting other business owners who are just like you – excited about growing their businesses.

And let’s not even talk about the cakes and coffee (this round, we had China House Cafe’s signature Kahlua-infused tiramisu, a whoppingly tall cake, chocolate brownies, croquettes, cheese spring rolls and other equally delicious pastries).


And best of all, you can do this in a high trust atmosphere!

Marketing need not be a frustrating, haphazard activity. Attend our next meetup and we will show you how marketing can be systematic, profitable and easy if you know the rules of the game.

Join us for our next Marketing Mojo Meetup on 4 June (Wednesday) at the same venue, China House Cafe on Beach Street. We love the small group dynamic so we never extend beyond 20 attendees.

Sign up here for the June session or pre-book the other sessions too.

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