Networking & Marketing Event on 5 March

This round at Marketing Mojo Meetup, Nic will be explaining about prospecting and how you can go about getting the right prospect to raise his hand and identify himself to you.

Lots of people think a prospect is just about anyone. We hear this all the time whenever we ask – “So…who are your customers?”

The most popular answer is often the wrong answer. Most people say, “Everyone.”

“Everyone” is NOT the right answer. If you think everyone is your prospect, then you will have such a hard time at marketing that you will hate marketing. Or you’ll be such a pest to friends that they’ll avoid you like the plague.

Marketing is not about bugging people to buy from you or thinking that every person you meet is a prospect. Marketing isn’t about getting any and every chance to persuade people that they MUST buy your products. 

Marketing is about education.

And Marketing Mojo Meetup this round will focus on helping you find out exactly where your prospect is. If you know where this prospect is and what he is interested in, it’s always a lot easier to market.

The question is “How does your prospect come to know you in the first place?”

When you are in control of your marketing, you are more confident of getting the sale.

You have a plan and a structure instead of blindly “marketing” which we often call either a Pollutant or a Pusher. (Pollutants are “me too” businesses which makes a lot of noise in the market but no one notices them. Pushers on the other hand think everyone is their customer and all they care about is closing sales.)

Join us at Marketing Mojo Meetup in March

If you’re ready to learn about ethical ways to market, join us at our upcoming Marketing Mojo Meetup on 5 March (Wednesday) at China House Cafe, Beach Street, George Town.

Only RM50 per person. Includes China House’s famous specialty cakes and free flow of coffee and tea plus a chance to meet other business owners in a cosy, fun and totally private setting. It’s about 15 people getting to know each other and learning about prospecting.

Limited places only so register fast or you’ll have to wait until 4 June for our next session.

Sweet, Sweet Deal Only For You

Here’s something even sweeter! When you confirm attending all 4 sessions this year with an advance payment of RM200 for all 4 dates, you get a special offer that’s ONLY AVAILABLE TO YOU – you get to buy our Redbox Easyweb Pro retailing at RM999 for only RM399.

(Our Redbox Easyweb is a self managed budget website for entrepreneurs inclusive of website system, domain name and premium web hosting. Pay RM399 for the first year.  When you continue to use Redbox Easyweb Pro year on year, you’ll still enjoy a discounted rate at only RM799 per year.)

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