What’s New At Redbox Studio

Where did January go?

Yeah, you’re also wondering, right?

To say that it’s been a busy month for us at Redbox Studio is pretty much an understatement. But we’re chuffed and super excited.

Free Upgrade, Until 1 March

First we’ve been making improvements to our self-managed, budget website product, Redbox Easyweb. As always, our R&D focuses on helping users of this budget website to do more. And just so you know, our website product is like a lethal cili padi – it may be small but it packs a punch with a slew of features to help users make the most of their website.

In case you did not know, our Redbox Easyweb comes in 2 versions and right now, we’re having a promo for our Pro version. Buy a Redbox Easyweb now for just RM799 per year and get a free upgrade to our Pro version. This promo is valid until 1 March so if you want to get the Pro version (worth RM999 – an instant savings of RM200) with the ecommerce feature, you best hurry!

Best of all, we offer all Redbox Easyweb users free lifetime classes – any time you need a refresher on using your Redbox Easyweb, come to a class and we’ll help you out, for free.

Additional Ninjas

We also redesigned our website to reflect what we currently offer. We’re also excited that new people (we call them ninjas) are joining our team – with so many things going on, we simply can’t keep up so we are thankful for the extra helping hands.

Tech Tuesday with Skype Option

Last year, we had Tech Tuesday on every other Tuesday but this year, we’re going full throttle.

We’re back to having Tech Tuesday every Tuesday to enable more people to join us and ask about websites and marketing.

More importantly, we’re also giving people who don’t live in Penang a chance to join us – this year we’re offering online sessions of Tech Tuesday too.

Skype with us during Tech Tuesday even if you can’t physically come to our office. This idea came from many people who live in KL – they loved the idea of a free education session and they asked us if we’d open this session to them too. So yes, this year, Tech Tuesday can be a face-to-face session or if you live too far away (like KL or Melaka), you can still meet us via Skype.

Marketing Mojo Meetup Starts in March

And of course, this year, we’re back with Marketing Mojo Meetup too.

A diverse group joined us for networking and marketing discussions
A diverse group joined us for networking and marketing discussions

When we organized Marketing Mojo Meetup last year, we didn’t know what to expect. Would people enjoy discussing marketing ideas and strategies? Would people be open enough to share or talk about marketing seriously for the benefit of their businesses?

After 4 sessions last year at China House Cafe, we can say for sure that people will talk openly about marketing. Marketing is fascinating, to say the least.

The 4 sessions last year were quite experimental but they worked for our participants. This year, we’ve planned the 4 sessions – one for each quarter – and the best part is, these sessions are all related to one another. You get to see the big picture how small business marketing works.

And of course, we’re still mulling if we want to still have our sessions at China House Cafe. While the cakes are to die for, parking is always an iffy issue. We’re still considering other venues and if you have a quiet, cosy venue with ample parking (and if they have good tea time treats, even better), do recommend to us. We’re open to feedback!

Sucky At Social Media? Let Us Help You

One of the new packages we’re offering this year is a Social Media Management Package where our team will help you manage your Facebook Page and grow your influence as an expert of your industry. A lot of people like the way we manage our Facebook Page and our friends love engaging with us. Part of the reason is we’re big on sharing and educating fans and friends alike.

We like offering value. Even if you never become a client of ours, we’ll still be happy to share knowledge to help you grow your website and your business.

You don’t want hype. You certainly don’t want a fly-by-night “internet guru” who is more interested in upselling you into buying more tools and more seminars. 

You want someone to hold your hand and help you understand the online world better so you can leverage these new platforms to attract new customers, promote your products and run a more efficient business.

If you have a Facebook Page that’s going nowhere and want it to go somewhere, come by and talk to us preferably during Tech Tuesdays so we can show you how our social media package can help you create longer-lasting value and reach.

Redbox Academy, Coming Up In February

Redbox Academy is also primed to open soon. We had this idea to put all our knowledge into e-books and e-courses so that you can learn on your own how to do what we do. We’re giving you the whole hog – all the secrets, tips and tricks we’ve learnt over the past 15 years!

Won’t You Support This Women’s Run?

We’re pleased to announce that we’re one of the sponsors of the JCI Pearl-organized Women’s Run in conjunction with International Women’s Day on 9 March. The event is also supported by the Penang State Government with the theme “End Violence Against Women”.

Redbox Studio is one of the sponsors of the JCI Pearl Women's Run this year
Redbox Studio is one of the sponsors of the JCI Pearl Women’s Run this year. Can you spot our logo?

For the longest time, we’ve been big supporters of gender and women empowerment issues, starting with our work with The Pixel Project and Women’s Centre for Change so this is just another extension of what we’ve been doing all this while. It’s not just a run for women; men are encouraged to join too as eradicating violence against women needs the support and help of conscious and enlightened men.

So yes, the year has started off overwhelmingly positive for us here. We’re excited at the partnerships, collaborations and new marketing strategies. Talk about having too many big, hairy audacious goals in hand and not enough hours in a day!

On that super high note, Redbox Studio wishes you a fantabulous Horse Year.

Put down that phone while you’re at the reunion dinner – no one on Facebook or Instagram would want you to miss the camaraderie at the reunion table! Treasure family ties during this auspicious occasion.

We’ll see you when we get back to work on 6 February (Thursday). Until then, stay healthy, be abundant and be inspired!

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