Are You Making These 25 Mistakes On Your Website Right Now?

Here’s a quick list of the common mistakes most business owners make on their websites.

Are you making any of these mistakes right now? If you are, fix these mistakes quickly as they’re costing you money.

  1. Your website does not list phone numbers or full address or contact persons
  2. Your font or text is so small that people over 40 have to squint to read it
  3. Your photos are so tiny or unclear or blurred no one knows what they’re looking at
  4. Your photos have no captions so again people don’t know what they’re viewing or why
  5. Your website starts with “Welcome to my website”
  6. You don’t have a systematic method to capture the names and emails of the people who visit your website
  7. Your website doesn’t tell people what to do
  8. Your website has these words at the bottom “best viewed using Internet Explorer 5.5”
  9. Your background is black but the words are in white (ouch, it hurts my eyes)
  10. Music automatically plays whenever anyone lands on your website
  11. Flash animation loads and your visitors needs to wait for it to finish loading before they can access your navigation menu
  12. You don’t have photos of yourself, your office or staff anywhere on the website
  13. Your website contains these words “last updated 2009”
  14. Visitors have to scroll from left to right to read your text as the text flows across the entire computer screen
  15. Your navigation menu is on the top and on the side and confuses visitors
  16. Your latest news update was 2 years ago
  17. Your products have no description nor price or size
  18. Your shopping cart does not work and you don’t know that it doesn’t work until someone calls to complain (or else you don’t get customers and you still don’t know why!)
  19. Your Contact form does not work and returns an error message when it is submitted
  20. Your About page is the same as every other company out there and people don’t know anything about your business even after they’ve read it
  21. Your FAQ does not answer questions relevant to your prospects and does not make your business look unique
  22. Your website contains too many impersonal stock photos making your website look fake and untrustworthy
  23. Your content is full of acronyms (DSA, IPT, WOB) which need explanation
  24. Your content has spelling errors and grammar problems (or you write like you’re speaking in Hokkien)
  25. Your content goes on and on about YOU but never addresses the issues, problems and pains of your prospect or website visitor!

What other annoying mistakes have you seen or experienced while surfing websites?

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