Why Our Company Is Named Redbox

Redbox Studio Penang
Redbox Studio celebrates 15 years of helping clients grow their customers online

Some 15 years ago on this date, someone young (well, he isn’t so young now) decided to ride his Honda motorbike across the Penang Bridge to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia to register his company.

He had had enough of his employer and felt he could do a much better job on his own, without the chains of office politics.

Anyway, that is how Redbox Studio started.

Many people especially clients love hearing the story of why Nic named the company Redbox.

In the days when we had a landline phone, lots of people would call us up in the evenings to book their karaoke rooms!

I don’t know if they got our number from Telekom or they googled it up but we were often mistaken for Redbox Karaoke! (And it shows that our website was far more visible and outranked the karaoke business of the same name in search engine results so that was pleasing to know.) We have since eliminated this problem – we disconnected our landline. If you get our business cards, you won’t find a landline number anywhere.

Robbie is a mascot of Redbox Studio
Robbie, our red robot mascot stands proudly next to a card designed for us by one of our past interns. Robbie was also “designed” by another intern at our company. Design is communication is the mantra of our design work. If it doesn’t communicate, it’s not design.

Anyway, Redbox Studio was started amidst the 1998 economic recession.

It was the worst time to start a company…or was it?

Redbox is called Redbox because as Nic loves to say, “I want to have a story and a company that is related to my Asian roots.”

Red is the auspicious colour for the Chinese. Red signifies luck and money (as in the red packet or “ang pow”). No one would be crazy enough to quit their job in an economic crisis; even if you felt like you wanted on some days to shoot your boss.

He knew that to survive the year and the years ahead he needed more than one red packet; he needed a massive box of auspiciousness, luck and money.

So he thought, “I don’t need a red packet. I need a box full of red packets!” That’s how Redbox came to be!

Nic has always been a design person because art is in his blood. I’ve always been the writing sort so we complement each other perfectly in this business.

Some 15 years later, we are still here and we still serve the clients who put their trust in us 15 years ago! To stay in this business for this long, we have had to re-invent ourselves and our services year on year.

We’ve done many iterations of our earlier products and packages with one aim, to always give lots of value to our clients, especially those who have supported us from the very beginning.

But far more important than the websites we design or the persuasive content that we write is the idea that we have been able to produce excellent quality services which are value-driven and honest.

That is why our clients treat us like friends, rather than just another vendor.

Anyway, in line with our value-driven motto, we are celebrating 15 years with a couple of interesting things this month and right up to December. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming up: 

  • Check out our brand new version 3.0 of our budget-friendly Redbox Easyweb product that’s easy on your pocket but big on features and stylishness. (Pssst…we just overhauled and launched the website so yeah, we walk the talk!)
  • Look out for a contest next week where you can win yourself a Redbox Easyweb (worth RM799) and tickets to our upcoming Marketing Mojo Meetup over at our Facebook page.
  • Clients will also be receiving some special insider deals too but that information is only available if you are a client. After all we want clients to profit from being online and for sticking with Redbox Studio.


If you are a friend or a client or just someone who knows about us, leave us a message or your thoughts below this post. Nic and I would love to hear from you!

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