Teaching You How To Fish At Marketing Mojo Meetup

Last week, we met a new group of folks who joined us for Marketing Mojo Meetup.

We had some fresh new faces and some who had attended before, especially Joyce who said, “I missed one session but when I saw what I missed, I told myself I had to come for this one!”

Quality networking happens at these events
Quality networking happens at these events

Or as Janssen who drove all the way from Sungai Petani said, “I always enjoy your sessions! That’s why I come back again and again!”

Janssen who came all the way from Sungai Petani - it's his 2nd time at this event
Janssen who came all the way from Sungai Petani – it’s his 2nd time at this event

He’d taken the puzzle concept that Jay showed in the last session to demonstrate to his team about creative thinking. (By the way, Janssen is in the packaging design business.)

These remarks are always heartwarming to hear. It shows that people find our events beneficial. (Plus the networking is always amazing – you are meeting people who run their own practice or businesses or the top level managers of their companies.)

We have had advertising agencies, printing companies, real estate agents, surgeons (yes!), doctors, fundraising managers, counsellors, marketing executives, researchers, retail people, tourism operators and business owners join us for the past 3 sessions this year. We’ve talked about Kaizen, business improvement, marketing strategies and even played games!

This time around, Nic had a game of cards prepared.

card game to teach marketing concept
Guests used these cards to learn what targetting really meant

Many times, people get confused about marketing because they don’t spend enough time thinking about who they want to attract. Sure you hear things like “My customers are everyone who wants to buy my products”. This is not only wrong but it will make your marketing difficult to implement. Who is everyone?

This seems quite fundamental but most people have a hard time zeroing on the people they want most to talk to.

It’s because they haven’t zeroed in on the group at all. No one teaches you that you first have to select whom you want to address.

(Just like the delicious cakes and sandwiches in this photo. You may want to eat them all but you first have to decide which ONE you will eat first. You can eat them all but one at a time. Marketing is like that too. By the way, part of the reason why we have our events in China House Cafe is due to its delicious cakes and pastries, which our guests often rave about.)

delicious cakes from China House Cafe Penang

For the past 2 meetups Nic spoke about attracting prospects naturally. Yet we also know that people learn better if the concept is illustrated as a game. You can’t mistake the gleam of excitement in people’s eyes when you ask them to stand up to play a game.

Games As Learning Tools

The anticipation of a game (yes, a GAME) gives people an incredible surge of adrenaline. I think it comes from our memories of playing games during childhood.

The card game we prepared was meant to teach our guests what “fishing” is about. They were “fishermen” and they were given cards which told them what their type of fish specie liked to eat and where this type of fish resided or could be found.

Simple though this concept was, it hit home because suddenly light bulbs went off in our guests’ heads. They had fun grabbing the cards they wanted (achieving the goal of the game) but they could also tie in the analogy with their own businesses.

Nic explains about the idea of the right fish in marketing
Nic explains about the idea of the right fish in marketing

Without first determining who you are going after and what they want most to have, you cannot hope to reel in the “fish”.  When you know the kind of “fish” you are after, you will also find it much easier to locate the “fish”.

We put our guests through an exercise where they had to fill up their own “fish” card – what’s the “fish” they are after and where could they possibly find this “fish”?

redbox studio's marketing event in china house cafe penang

But what if you had more than one type of “fish” in mind? You could have many cards; each one delineating the type of fish you want plus the kind of bait you are prepared to give. You’re not limiting yourself to just one type of “fish”. You are deciding to focus on one type of prospect at one time.


Incontinence, Anyone?

For instance, one of our guests was a urogynaecologist (actually this session brought in 2 doctors). He said the exercise narrowed his focus to women with urogynaecological issues like incontinence.

However, he did not know where these women could be. Is there an association or support group for women who suffer from incontinence? This was a suggestion by another guest. (The reason we keep our sessions small is a small group encourages greater openness and sharing, even if it’s someone you just met.)

With this short exercise/game, our guest is now much clearer on where he will be able to find them. He needs to think about their location – physical or otherwise. Where do women with incontinent issues go? Support group? Association? At least he can now start his search somewhere.

What will he offer them when he finds them? Flower Marketing (taught in session #2) would be highly beneficial to him. (We don’t repeat topics so we highly recommend that you join these sessions as much as you can.)



The biggest lesson from the card game (which is a preview of our actual card game coming soon) is that everyone has limited time. We don’t naturally notice the lack of this resource much in our daily business lives but time ticks by.

As we all have 24 hours in a day, narrowing down our target markets will help us spend the precious resource of time more wisely instead of chasing the proverbial rabbit down the rabbit hole.

Here’s what Dr Sivakumar, one of our guests, said about this session:

“Thanks for inviting me for the Marketing Mojo. I was unsure of what to expect when I attended but I wanted to learn anything on marketing. It was a great pleasure meeting people from different industries and business attending and everyone wanted to learn more about improving their business.

The idea of “ there are plenty of fish in the sea was an eye opener for me as I always wonder whether there will be enough for such a large pool of doctors from same speciality. The idea of concentrating on particular group of clients that is relevant and spending more time with them hit the nail on the head. I had difficulties about location but now I am trying to think where I could concentrate to identify my potential clients.

The meeting was very useful for me and I also thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I can’t really think of what to improve. Just carry on and continue to give us marketing tips!”

marketing mojo attendees sharing ideas
Guests freely sharing ideas and comments on the “fishing” concept
This Guy Won 2 Free Tickets

Andrew Koay from Agape Counselling Centre had reason to cheer too because we picked his name as the winner of a pair of tickets worth RM200 to the next Marketing Mojo Meetup on 4 December.

He gets to attend for free plus bring a friend who wants to learn about marketing. Andrew is from a non-profit but non-profits too need to ramp up their marketing. Non-profits don’t have profits as their main goal but non-profits too have to answer to their donors and sponsors (and get more sponsors in the door and smarter marketing helps!).


What’s Coming Up in December

In the December session, Nic will delve into a topic that is close to everyone’s hearts – how to stop getting hurt in a never-ending price war (what happens if you’re slashed all around by competitors who keep on dropping prices?).

This was an actual question asked at this session.

How do you address this issue? How do you explain to your prospects that what you offer is so much better in quality compared to the other people out there?

Basically, the question is: how do you stop prospects focusing on price when you know they should be focusing on your quality, service and reliability?

Nic will share with you some perspectives from the martial art of Wing Chun (the basis of our Redbox X-Factor) and how you can easily use these perspectives for making sure you always emerge the winner in any price war, without dropping prices. 

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