What I Learnt As An Intern At Redbox Studio

Sang Gita Devi was the other intern from Universiti Malaysia Perlis who interned with us for 3 months, similar to Wilson. Here’s her take on what she did at Redbox Studio.

Wilson Ong and Sang Gita Devi, our two interns who loved their Redbox Studio experience
Wilson Ong and Sang Gita Devi, our two interns who loved their Redbox Studio experience

What I Learnt As An Intern At Redbox Studio 
By Sang Gita Devi

Before undergoing my incubator programme/ internship, my idea about internship was that during the duration of 12 weeks, I might be asked to do some filing tasks, photocopying and learn about basic business startup processes, some financial advice and etc.

As an intern in Redbox Studio, my thoughts about internship were totally unexpected as Redbox Studio has taught me more than that and this incubator programme has definitely widened my knowledge.

As an intern here, I have learned how to use the Redbox Easyweb which is the easiest DIY website system, made a slide to show preparation and presentation, research on Chinese chess strategies and relate or apply them in business field, running an online business as well as making our own business card game.

Moreover, from time to time, there were discussion session with Nic and Krista where we learned a lot of business ideas, tactics and even marketing strategies that I believed we could not have learned from the text books.

Sang Gita learnt how to speak up and speak out
Sang Gita learnt how to speak up and speak out

During my internship, I was able to improve my presentation skills and thinking skills as Nic always asked us questions. He wanted us to answer right on the spot which in a way trained us to be confident and speak out.

I truly believed that this internship had helped me in many ways. For instance, the knowledge and experience I have gained throughout has taught me to be more confident and to keep on widening my knowledge of business and entrepreneurship. I experienced the actual working environment as well as to build and improve my creativity with the sharing and exchange of ideas between me and them (Nic, Krista and Jensen).

A few of the more interesting moments for me as an intern here would be conducting a real business online, the making of business trading card game and research on Chinese chess strategies. On the other hand, we also helped with some clients’ websites.

Having an online shop was totally not a hindrance for us but in fact a challenge to make the business work (and get sales). We gained valuable experience throughout the process and also learned from mistakes as well as improved ourselves for the better.

This internship in Redbox Studio was not only enriching but also thought-provoking and I gained a “money-can’t-buy” experience. I hope that what I have learned and taken from here will enable me to apply them in my future pursuit of my academic and professional career.

Personally I do not regret even for a second that I was chosen to do my internship with Redbox Studio.

It was a very good learning experience and I feel I could not have better teachers.

Thank you Redbox Studio. You have inculcated creativity and confidence in me!


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