What Jamie Oliver Can Teach You About Marketing

Jamie Oliver needs no introduction. If you’re asking, who’s he, then perhaps you have been living away from your TV.

Of course Nic thinks Jamie disrespects food, the way he tosses and bashes the food he cooks.

Whether you adore him or not, Jamie is someone who has put himself on the culinary map – one of those living legends as all chefs today are. Thirty years ago, being a chef all hot and sweaty in the kitchen wasn’t the kind of profession you’d aspire to. Look at what’s happening today.

Even I am hooked on the Masterchef series – the Aussie one – simply because cooking has become such a voyeur sport!

Anyway, why is Jamie tied to marketing? He is pretty damn good at it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so huge on TV.

In fact in this video below, Jamie takes on fastfood chains and the unhealthy food that makes their way into the fastfood menu.

Burgers, for instance.

Or how they’re made. Or what they’re really made of.

But what I think is worth learning from the video is that you can talk about the bad stuff that goes into a beef patty, you can talk about the unhealthy ingredients and so on but all that won’t make a difference until you SEE it with your own eyes.

Now that’s what I call Smart Marketing.

All the stats and data won’t matter one bit until you fire up the emotions.

(Watch the reactions of the audience as Jamie explains what “pink slime” is and why he is very much against the kind of meat that goes into the commercial beef patty.)

He even goes as far as bringing in a live cow!

If you have an excellent product, you can certainly whip up a demo to show how wonderful it is. Think “Will It Blend?” videos.

But the reverse is true too. If you want to diss a product, a demo can be your greatest ally. The show-and-tell process is all part of storytelling in marketing.

The more your senses are engaged, the better you’d remember the story and the message.

Now I wonder if Malaysian beef patties are made and “washed” this way too!



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