Ini Kali Lah Sale!

We’ve never done this before and this is possibly the first and last time.

ini kali lah redbox studio sale

In the spirit of the Malaysian General Elections that’s happening on 5 May (Sunday), we’d like to join in the fun and have our own Ini Kali Lah.

We want to give you, yes, YOU a chance to own your very own website with our Ini Kali Lah Sale.

It’s an unbelievable 50% discount off our semi-DIY website system, Redbox Easyweb. So that means instead of paying RM799, you get to buy Redbox Easyweb at RM399! Is that a deal or what?!

So if you’re in business or just started a business and are in two minds about getting a website, let us assure you that THIS IS IT.

This is THE deal you’ve been waiting for from us at Redbox Studio. (Go and watch the intro video here and see the fab things you can do with your own website.)

Our Ini Kali Lah Sale runs from now until midnight on 6 May (which is next Monday) so you better hurry if you want to grab this website system (which includes domain name and premium web hosting) at this super incredible price.

So if you’ve been hemming and hawing over getting a good website at a cool, cool price, then get yourself a Redbox Easyweb website (and don’t forget, fill up the Reference ID of when you order with “Inikalilah”).

Malaysians have never felt this inspired, excited, angered or feverish and perhaps there will be history in the making!

We’ll just have to cross our fingers yeah!

Happy voting folks!

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