Marketing In Penang: Hunter, Trapper or Farmer?

The Marketing Mojo Meetup which we had a few Saturdays ago was a blast though it rained! And some parts of Penang were flooded.

Yet the rain didn’t dampen the spirits of those who signed up and turned up!

Clients and friends were excited to talk about marketing
Our friends and clients who turned up had no expectations – after all, this was the first time we were doing this.

But honestly, we figured after a one-year hiatus of our website workshops (we managed to organize 20 of the website workshops over the course of one and a half years), it was time to get back into events again. But not about websites or how to create a kickass website or how to attract website visitors or how to write for a website.


We’re far more interested in marketing because in our 15 years of designing websites for businesses, we realized one thing that most small and medium size business owners find toughest is marketing.


Dissecting Marketing

Marketing challenges are often the bane of most small business owners. As small business owners, we struggle with lots of daily frustrations: managing our teams, managing customer expectations, fire-fighting at times, ensuring the steady flow of orders and prospects, closing the sale, meeting with prospects, doing paperwork, delivering on what we promised etc. You know the spiel.

We hoped that bringing together a group of people to talk about marketing would make this topic less formidable than it actually is. And like any good support group, we cheer each other on and learn from each other.

Dr Mike of IndoChine Natural talks about marketing from the skincare business perspective

Nic and I talk about marketing ALL THE TIME. As partners in business and in life, we’re so immersed in marketing that we can’t tell when to switch off!

Even when we’re on holiday somewhere, our eyes and ears are peeled and sensitized towards marketing. Like our trips to Hong Kong. In a way it’s an excellent way to keep the marriage good and strong because unlike most couples who have been married for a long time, we do find lots to talk about. Marketing especially. How to improve our business. How to manage our team better.

Anyway, China House Cafe made our “meeting” a lot more interesting. While snacking on slices of quiche Lorraine, orange blossom cake, brownies and sandwiches, we got down to the business of the day.


Do You Hunt, Trap or Farm?

Nic kickstarted it with a thinking and writing exercise to get our guests “warmed up” that cold, rainy Saturday morning.

It is infinitely better to be a “farmer” than to be a “hunter” or “trapper” when it came to marketing for small businesses.

You can easily determine who’s a hunter or trapper each time you get bombarded by hard sell, pushy sales people or cheap and lousy deals. Their tactics are exactly like what a hunter or trapper would do – hunt you down or trap you up! Sleazy stuff indeed.

And that makes customers run for their lives whenever they see businesses like these.

It's important to tuck into a good breakfast especially before we talk marketing

If you want a more enjoyable business, aim to be a “farmer”. A farmer never needs to “hunt” or “trap” his prey. He knows exactly what he needs to do to take care of his sheep (your customers are proverbially under your care so you have to take care of them well). A marketer with a “farmer” mindset nurtures his customers, treats them well and continues to harvest a good crop each time when customers buy again and again.

Is it tougher to be a farmer? Of course. As a farmer, you need to take care of your customers and continuously ask, “What else can I do for them in ways that are valuable and useful for THEM?” It’s not about YOU; it’s about THEM.

Everyone had a chance to discuss the concepts and contemplate on the type of marketing they were engaged in. For once, our guests (many were hands-on business owners) had to really ask themselves some tough questions about who they were serving (and whom they didn’t want to serve which was just as important) and which role they were currently playing (hunter, trapper or farmer).

It was quite an enlightening 2 hours where everyone had time to state their opinions, voice their fears and really go deep into self-reflection.

Who is your target market?

Our marketing discussion soon spilled over to three hours and by 1pm, it was getting more animated.

Nevertheless we promised to have another marketing session like this again and we hope you can join us this time for more coffee, cake and marketing concepts and tactics.

One of our guests, Dr Mike Thair of IndoChine Natural said this on our Facebook page: “An excellent meetup…..we didn’t have high expectations, and generally “marketing” is a bit of a black box to us. However Nic’s conceptualisation of the various marketing roles is probably the best piece of marketing information we have ever received, and this instantly snapped into place a lot of things we haven’t really understood to-date. At last, a marketing person who makes sense!!!!! Also great to share the ideas and opinions of other business owners as well. Really looking forward to the next session!!!!”

Thank YOU to all who made it and we hope to see you at our next Marketing Mojo Meetup in June!


Sign up for 26 June (Wednesday)

Our Marketing Mojo Meetup on 26 June will be from 2pm to 6pm. Yes, it’s a Wednesday and we’re planning to do it at China House Cafe again. (Why? Because the cakes are great and the ambience is just right.)

In fact, we have a guest speaker on 26 June. He will remain a “mystery” man until then.

See you on 26 June at China House Cafe!

We have had requests to extend our early bird fee of RM50. For those who’ve asked, we can only offer RM50 per person if you sign up by 11 June. After that, it is RM100 per person. We know it’s the school holidays now and some of you are on a break with your children but you need to take action fast. 

The next meetup will be in September and we don’t repeat topics.

If you want to be notified of our future events, contact us and we will update you as and when we have our marketing workshops and events.

* Not sure where China House Cafe is? Here’s the map.

Trust us, this June session will be highly interesting. As always, it is an opportunity for you to talk about marketing, exchange ideas and meet new friends. Aside that, the food’s good and we have a guest speaker. Remember, this is about serious marketing so only for people serious about their businesses.

Book yourself a seat for 26 June session using the form below. First come, first serve.

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