Which Super Hero Are You?

Japanese Bug-Eyed-Superheroes Miming Speech

One of those things that we’ve become really, really good at in the past 15 years is expressing the warmth of a business in a website.

Businesses often want to go the way of the corporate. To them, going corporate is a way of saying: “See? We’ve made it. We’re one of the big boys now. We’re not small players.”

But we say, be proud of who you are.

Don’t Fake It…It’s Odious!

Stop trying to be someone else. Stop trying to be one of the big boys.

Because it’s more fun being yourself, being true to who you are.

Even as a business. Or a business owner.

But how do you convey your sense of self, who you are as a business, when you’re online as a website?

Many companies and businesses take the easy path.

Just add lots of people wearing suits, wearing fake smiles, looking cool and aloof, all sophistication. That’s really going to wow our customers.

That’s what most businesses think. After all, we want to IMPRESS the pants off our prospects right?


Add A Cup of Warmth

The first thing you do as a business owner is to convey warmth and personality on your website, especially if you’re new and struggling to establish yourself as an up-and-coming business to be reckoned with.

But it’s often difficult, not to mention arduous when trying to encapsulate the soul of a business, the essence of a growing company and infuse this delicate distillation across the pages of your website.

Especially if it’s a business website. Especially when you know your customers today are a lot smarter and perhaps, a lot more jaded.

In many ways, what we do is really tough work.

It starts with understanding who you are as a person and as a business owner and what your message to your customers will be. We go through hours of interviews.

We dig really deep into your motivations, dreams and desires. Short of being your personal psychologist, we then use what you’ve recounted and given us.

We clarify and simplify that deep personal message, your true heart of hearts, blending words, design and marketing into a website that exudes inexplicable warmth and honesty.

But is it worth it?

Of course. Customers who reach your website will experience engagement as if you’re chatting with them. They connect instantly with you through your website. Like you’re their friend.

And we trust friends.

They GET you. They get your message. They get it that you’re unique. You’re you.

When we do that, your customers understand what your unique ability is. People buy from people whom they know, like and trust.


What Makes You…Well, You?

Over these years, we’ve often asked ourselves – What makes us authentic? What makes our unique ability?

Our unique ability lies in being able to take your story, no matter how simple or humble, and use this story coupled with your unique abilities to create a website that exudes warmth, authencity and sincerity.

We work with what you have. We do not embellish more than needed; we do not add what’s not there. We don’t have to. Inside each of us is that special something, if you only looked hard enough to see that spark.

Many business owners cannot see that spark in themselves. And it’s understandable.

Because you work so hard in your business – you’re waking up tackle day to day operations, guiding employees, fixing what’s not right that at the end of a work day, you’re exhausted. It’s no wonder you can’t see in yourself any of that magical spark.

But we can.

We can take that uniqueness of yours and express it in a website so that your soul – the one who began the business with a dream so huge it scared you – can reach out to people who are in search of your offerings.

That’s what our unique ability is.

We can tell your story better than you can tell your story.

And we can tell your story so that it reaches out to the millions of people all around the world. We tell your story so that you can become the unique business you’ve always envisioned, one that’s not fighting to be the lowest price supplier or the cheapest one around.

If there’s one thing you can do for yourself today, ask yourself: what’s my unique ability and how can I use what I have to help others?

In short, which super hero are you?

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