Do The Houdini


Today I am going to address one of the biggest misconceptions about websites.

Most business owners look at their websites and think, “How can I make it more attractive to users/customers/prospects?”

So they often think – “Maybe I should add more flying stuff, blinking banners, music even. That will grab their attention and keep them coming back!”


Excuse Me, But You Got The Wrong Rabbit

Actually that’s the wrong question.

Nic is always saying that if you ask the wrong question, you will end up with the wrong answer.

Because you started off on the wrong path!

So in the above scenario, people haven’t realized that their websites aren’t TV programmes. You are not ASTRO or any of the TV channels offering programmes.

You don’t need to add clowns or trapeze acts or the 300-pound gorilla or the fat woman with a moustache to get people’s attention.

You are not vying for attention.

If you were, you’d be in the entertainment business.

You are running a business and your aim is to convince prospects that they should be your customers.

They Never Wanted Weirdness

So the right question is: what do my customers need when they arrive at my website?

To be entertained?

Far from it.

If they want entertainment/weirdness, there are far better ones out there on Youtube and Facebook. All manner of weirdness can be found in those media. You can’t compete with Youtube if entertainment is what your customers are after.

No, you are going to ask yourself till you’re blue in the face. What exactly do customers want?

They want facts, figures, answers, solutions, how you can help them, what you can provide, how you can deliver the goods, when can they get their stuff, how can they reach you, if they reach you – will you do the hardselling the pushy way or will you respect their decisions and etc.

They want information, they want knowledge, they want to be educated.

Until you realize this, you will always want to be Houdini.

You are not Houdini and you never will be unless you have a video of yourself escaping from a strait jacket on your website.

So if you hear people telling you that you need to spice up your website with bling-bling, music, animation and things that “entertain” your customers, tell them to go fly a kite…politely of course.

Come back for my next post where I will show you what exactly you can do on your website for your customers.

And no, it doesn’t involve hairy 300-pound gorillas or fat women with moustaches!

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