Are You Lucky Enough?

This week is pretty exciting as we’ve just launched our first ever Facebook contest with a prize that gives you the flexibility to own and manage your own website!

Our Redbox Easyweb (worth RM799) is our do-it-yourself website system for the lucky winner of our first ever Redbox Lucky Ticket raffle over at our Facebook page.

Actually to call it a DIY system is really not being fair – we give you a website that’s ready to go. All you need to do is add your own content a.k.a photos and text and you’re good to go.

The website system is perfect for anyone who wants to start off with a website but really have no design chops (it’s the perfect budget website for anyone who runs a business as it even comes with e-commerce capabilities!).

Anyway, it has a bunch of cool features – most of the time, we only develop products that we ourselves would love to use. (You can check it out here.)

So Back To Our Contest…

You get to win one Redbox Easyweb to use for one entire year when you participate in our Facebook raffle. Your prize is a package – it’s the website system plus your domain name of choice and web hosting. Everything you need will be taken care of.

You don’t even need to buy anything or write any slogans (yeah, we know not everyone’s a wordsmith with a yen for rhyming couplets).

You don’t even need to be our client. Or to be Malaysian. Or live in Malaysia. You can be anywhere in the world and as long as you have the Internet and want a website, you should join this quick and easy contest.

How To Join?

You just need to do 2 things – “like” our page and then claim your tickets.

The number of tickets you are eligible for depends on the number of friends you have on Facebook.

For every 25 friends you have, you get 1 ticket.

So I have 677 friends on Facebook and that means I get 27 tickets! When you click on Redbox Lucky Ticket, you get to claim your tickets.

We’re running this raffle from now till 16 September (midnight) and will pick a lucky winner on 17 September. Basically the more friends you have, the more tickets you can claim and the higher your chances are of winning a prize.

Why Are We Doing This?

Hari Malaysia.

Yup, yup. We’re doing this to celebrate Malaysia Day which falls on 16 September yearly.

What better way to do this than to give away our own product right? We are proud to be Malaysians and we have some of the best things in life here in Malaysia (food, weather and people). Short of sounding like a Yasmin Ahmad movie, we want to celebrate all things Malaysia with everyone all across the globe with something easy and fun.


Aside that, just think – while Hari Merdeka (31 August) is significant for us who live in Peninsular Malaysia, our friends (and my husband) from Sabah and Sarawak get awfully peeved that we do not recognize the day that North Borneo (before it became Sabah) and Sarawak joined then Malaya to form this country we call Malaysia.

But really, do you even need a reason to win a cool prize like our Redbox Easyweb?

Go on – click this link and get started.

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