When Someone Blogs About Us, You Have To Blog About Them, Right?

When someone blogs about us, we have to return the favour right?

Actually I had already blogged about it in my personal blog but Vern was very much a part of Redbox Studio a few years ago so it’s apt that I talk about her here.

Wei Vern who used to intern with us at Redbox Studio
This photo was taken from The Pixel Project website which she helped to design and develop from scratch. She's as much a designer as an engineer.

She interned with us in 2009 and we had a lot of good fun, and in between she helped us churn out a website for a non-profit (which we did pro bono mainly because we believe in supporting an excellent cause), had great Jenga sessions in the office and had loads of fun.

I’ve always found her to be an interesting combination of the best of both sides of the brain. For she’s not only terribly smart about technology and computers (which she and Nic can talk for hours on end) but she’s also a humble bookworm in which resides an artsy soul.

She writes. And writes well. I don’t seem to find many people like this any more.

She loves music too – the eclectic, the indie and the wonderful. She was the one who introduced me to Zee Avi years ago when Zee Avi was just starting out. And she’s the kind of engineer who can actually think logically – I’ve often told her that she should be a closet Mensan – the kind with both EQ and IQ!

Vern is also my neighbour. We live in the same apartment block.

When she comes home for visits, she pops by our apartment sometimes and we have long, drawn-out pu-erh tea sessions while listening to our Monica (a gorgeous audio system built by an audiophile friend).

I’ll keep this short because the good stuff is over at Wei Vern’s blog. No one writes like this young girl with an old, insightful soul.

And it’s not just because she says:”People like Krista make me want to become a better person and strive to reach my own goals. Today, both of them – Krista and Nic – remain to be my faithful mentors and friends who inspire me in so many ways.”

Reading about ourselves that way is simply weird but it brings on a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Take it away, Vern.

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