Relaunching Our Little Pet Project

We’ve been busy. That is probably an understatement. This year is turning out nicely indeed with so many interesting (did I mention exciting) projects for ourselves and the studio.

You know how it is in business. It’s not like salaried employment where you get to switch off once 6pm arrives. The brain won’t stop working though the clock says so.

Here’s The Brand New Redbox Easyweb

For the past two months, we’ve been busy re-igniting one of our products.

We first launched this in 2005 (yes, that long ago!) when we were asked to create a product for people who wanted to maintain their own websites and were on a budget.

We called it Redbox Easyweb which was a simple website for people who are just starting out. This product of ours gave solo-preneurs a stab at getting a website on their own without resorting to paying a web designer or even knowing HTML or basic programming. It gave them convenience and freedom.

We have had training consultants, authors, property agents, home businesses and translators buy this product for their own use.

Should We Or Shouldn’t We?

While it was a great product, for the longest time, we didn’t know if we should continue offering it. On one end, it was super for solo-preneurs. On another end, we didn’t want to offer a product if we didn’t upgrade or improve it. The fate of Redbox Easyweb was in a limbo for a long time – actually in the past 3 years.

The product needed to be enhanced and improved if we were to offer it again.

But what actually tipped the scale was this – we have had so many people come to us asking if we had anything they could do on their own. (Our Dragon Mojo isn’t for everyone because we pour the best of our 14 years of skills, expertise and short-cuts to success into this totally customized website, which is really built for driving results. It’s priced at a premium but excellent work is always worth every ringgit and sen.)

Semi-DIY Website – Now With Ecommerce!

Finally we decided – yes, let’s revive, improve and re-launch our semi-DIY website builder product. Just in case you want the full story, the full story is over there.

This time, it’s going to be even bigger and better than before because you get an all-in-one package for the totally affordable price of RM799 plus e-commerce capabilities.

Yes! Even we’re excited and I can tell you, if we’re not excited about our products, we don’t market them. If we don’t love them, how could others love them? We made sure Redbox Easyweb is one of the most complete and robust little website packages that any solo-preneur would be proud to own!

We call it a semi-DIY website builder because we still design a part of the website for you.

You see, over the years, we’ve met people who told us that while 101 templates were initially exciting to know about, there’s this thing called the Paradox of Choice (or why more is really an unnecessary evil). The more choices you put in front of a sane person, the worst off he is! He gets paralyzed by the array of choices and gets numbed and that’s not really going to make him any happier.

You Want A Tool, Not A Toy

Unlike typical website builders where you get lots of stuff to play with (so much so that overwhelm drives people to inaction – sad but true), we pare things down.

In true Redbox Studio style, we continue to pare things down until you get only what you need to do the job. After all, why do you want a website? You want to promote your business, your services and your products, not fiddle with fonts and colour schemes and templates.

So yes, all you folks out there – you now have a chance to own a semi DIY website and launch your own ecommerce store too. Like our tagline says, our Redbox Easyweb gives YOUR business wings to fly.

These days, you can’t do anything if you don’t have a credible website. And credibility is a tough nut to crack.

At least with Redbox Easyweb, you know you can achieve credibility even if you aren’t ready yet for Dragon Mojo. In this case, we do the hard stuff for you plus you know you will always have a strong and reliable company to fall back on if you ever need anything – because we know marketing and we know websites.

Go ahead, go check out Redbox Easyweb and see if it’s not the coolest thing ever.

Plus did we tell you that you can try it completely risk-free? We guarantee a refund if you’re not 100% satisfied.

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