Picking Up The Phone Is The Best Thing You Could Do For Your Business

Just got off the phone with a client today after a long conversation about his website and the improvements we’re making to his marketing tool.

While we may work in the IT industry, we are a paradox in our own ways. We find that there’s nothing better than a good old face to face meet up or if that’s not possible, a nice phone conversation. (It pays if you really enjoy talking to your clients. I find that talking to people is therapeutic! That’s why I started with my workshops.)

Hearing someone’s voice on the other end – a live person – really is much better than a dry old email. And sometimes, so many things cannot be said in an email. How you feel for example when you start talking. Or how your energy levels start soaring after you hear good results from your client.

Call me Gen X but I am all for websites and Internet and what-have-you but at some point, we need to talk to each other and stop messaging each other constantly.

A quick call can be so energizing.

A quick call can also bring the relationship to higher level.

How many people do you know who actually takes time to place a sincere call? Not many.

The next time you start thinking of sending off an email, pause and ask yourself: “Would this person prefer to hear my voice instead of getting my email?”

Most times it would be a yes.

Friends and clients are usually pleasantly surprised when you ring up. It doesn’t have to be about anything. A quick how-are-you and checking in with each other means you care.

In this world today, not many people care unless it’s stated in a dollar sign. People have too many commercial motives at heart.

I love hearing the surprise in my client’s voice when I ring up and ask about their day.

To me, that’s what real communication is. Nothing beats a real conversation.

What methods do you like to use when communicating with clients or customers? Which method works best for you? Do share!

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