What You Need To Know Before You Sell On Etsy

You know this thing about selling stuff online?

Lots of people want to get started but very few actually do.


Because it’s hard.

Because it really takes time and thought.

But maybe you’ve wanted to take that leap (everyone seems to be having fun online selling stuff, right?).

So where do you start?

If You Make One-Of-A-Kind Stuff With Your Hands, Sell on Etsy!

While we have clients who come to us and ask us for help, we know sometimes that you may just be starting out and perhaps even dipping your toes in the e-commerce world. You want something to test out first.

We always recommend that you start with a blog. Granted, it’s not exactly a full-fledged rock-and-roll e-commerce (click, click and you’re done) but it will give you some practical experience of selling something online. But what if you don’t want a blog?

If you make cute, fun or beautiful things, you should take a look at Etsy.

What we did is we’ve read and chosen some of the best of the best stuff you should know about selling on Etsy even before you sign up with Etsy.

Even if you don’t make stuff with your hands, you can still sell on Etsy (sign up as supplier of arts and crafts materials and you will be able to make your mark on Etsy too –here’s the proof).

Check out these 7 steps to opening your own Etsy shop before you jump into 20 tips for selling on Etsy, courtesy of Kim. Kim’s website has a bunch of amazing tips and stuff if you’ve been thinking of selling on Etsy.

By the way, if you sell on Etsy, note that you need to choose a username that you can be comfortable with later as this will become your shop’s name on Etsy.

Another key attribute to selling well online is the ability to show off your products well. If you’re not much of a wizard with a camera, by the time you’re done reading photography basics for beginners, you’ll be taking great pictures.

You may also want to check out more tips for selling on Etsy.

While you’re getting ready to sell on Etsy, remember to check in with the official Etsy seller handbook which is a magnificent collection packed with lots of ideas, how-to’s and suggestions for your shop. It will take some time to read them all but where else can you get such good knowledge? It’s truly worth poring over!

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