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Traditional Chinese lanterns to usher in the Chinese New Year

In case you have not noticed, we just launched our newly revamped website last week after spending almost a month on it from concept to design, from idea to content and more.

We’re transitioning because we know that it is time for us to guide more people with our marketing and business expertise (which we’ve delivered for the past 14 years through our website design). Clients come to us for a great marketing tool and this tool is specially developed in the way we design, write and provide strategies for our clients.

Website Design Plus Marketing Expertise

We still design great-looking websites and this year onwards, we’re giving you the knowledge and expertise you need to take your business to the next level.

What’s the next level you say?

The next level is a far more interesting level. In the next few weeks, we’ll be explaining a lot more about this concept about “building your own mountain”.

The way we see it, business can be a lot more fun and exciting if we all had a proper system for the marketing process.

A lot of time, business owners are multi-taskers. You are probably doing ten million marketing things at any given moment. Sometimes you get fantastic results. Sometimes, zero results.

But how about if we told you that there’s actually a system or a method to marketing for your business?

How about if we told you this method works and people have obtained incredible results using it?

Would you be keen to know more?

Of course you would! After all, we business owners are pro-active and always eager to learn in order to improve our business right?

Learn This System For Your Business

You may have heard about the Redbox X Factor which we have been promoting in the last 2 years. If you’ve attended any of our workshops in the last 2 years (we’ve done 20 of these workshops), you would be familiar with this system.

The Redbox X Factor is a system we created in 2008 to empower business owners who want to take their business to the next level. Inspired by a Chinese martial art system called Wing Chun, this system gives you the tools and steps to be the champion in your industry.

You Often Worry About These Two Things

Every business owner we’ve met tells us that there are really 2 major challenges they face in their business – how to get rid of the competition and how to attract and convert customers.

How you conduct business is really a reflection of how you think. That is why the only way to change the way business is done (especially if you have challenges right now in your business) is to change the way you think.

When you start viewing your world and business and customers from a fresh, new perspective, you can gain the upper hand in your marketing. We’re not just satisfied with giving you the upper hand – how about a way to defuse your competition so they don’t matter any more? And how about (finally) getting a premium price for your products?

That, in a nutshell, is what you can get from Redbox Studio in the coming months.

We create powerful marketing tools in the form of websites and now we’re empowering you with a powerful system (tried and tested in the last 2 years) to accelerate your business!

Look out for our upcoming workshops and tools where you get all the tips, tricks and resources you need to do all that and more.

Until then, have a prosperous and fun Dragon Year!

Our studio is taking a break from 23 January until 29 January. We’ll see you when we get back on 30 January!

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