Content Trumps SEO, Says This Guy

We’ve been saying it for years.

You gotta have great content in order to have a sustainable ranking on search engines.

I blame the SEO issue and why everyone is hung up on SEO on those SEO gurus who think SEO is the be-all and end-all of all websites.

And now, here’s the guy you should listen to, even if you don’t listen to anyone else.

Matt Cutts works for Google. So really, there’s no better expert than a guy who works inside Google telling you what you really should be focusing your energies on.

The gist is, you can’t replace good, solid, kickass content. (Go and watch his short video here and hear it from the horses’ mouth.)

Oh you can have your website SEO-ed like crazy. You really can. But then it’ll always be like chasing your own tail.

Now if you just focused on creating killer content, you’ve really won most if not half the battle.

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