Our 20th Workshop with Photos

When we first started these free, educational workshops in August 2009, we had one aim – to gather a group of interested people each month and educate them more on what websites are, what real websites are all about and how they can use this knowledge on their own.

Nic presenting last week at our final 20th workshop

As anyone and everyone who has had the chance to come for our workshops, we never sell you anything. No upselling, no sneaky previews, no “buy today and save RM10,000”, none of these awful sneaky stuff which most people are subject to.

When we say it’s a free workshop, it’s free and it is also, contrary to those free preview seminars (where you’re just waiting for them to announce some special deal and cannot wait to sneak out of the room), it’s packed full of value and knowledge. You can come and ask Nic anything and he will give you an honest answer.

We give so much value that attendees keep recommending us to their friends. Case in point, last week Esther told us she came because her friend, George, told her she should not miss our workshop. Even if some people don’t make it, they will also nudge their friends to attend.

Over the past 2 years, more than 100 people have come to our free website workshops. Everyone of them, minus one or two people (some are ‘competitors’ in disguise – we welcome them too), find our workshops extremely refreshing.

We start by announcing that we are NOT here to sell them anything. (There’s an almost audible sigh of relief written on their faces when we say this before Nic starts his presentation.)

In fact, we won’t sell you anything until we know what you need. A website is not for everyone, despite the digital age we are in. Most people can’t handle their websites. Most people don’t know how to do it and get disappointed.

We get lots of funny questions too. Funny as in ‘odd’ because you believe there’s no free lunch in this world, right? So why is Redbox Studio spending time and effort to educate you for free?

Shannti, Albert, Cheong & Carol

“Why are you doing this for free?” one lady asked point blank. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we Malaysians can be intolerably rude when it suits us.

“Why not?”

Actually we have a motive.

We got quite fed-up of all the silly myths that’s floating about (no doubt thanks to sub-standard web designers). We’re not sure how these myths get circulation and airplay but we were quite annoyed with answering questions that didn’t make sense.

So through these workshops of ours, we get to set the record straight. We get to tell you, right from the start, what you really need to pay attention to. What you don’t need to waste money on. What you should not focus on and what you absolutely must focus on.

We’re rather different in that we tell you, we really don’t mind how you choose to implement the tips we give you, so long you implement them and see the results. (Thanks to clients and evangelists, we’ve got more website projects than we can handle so it may be even if we loved your idea, we won’t be able to take your project for the time-being. Plus we have a few projects on the side which are keeping us busy too.)

Plus through these workshops, we get to finger the pulse of the general public – we get to talk to people and get direct feedback on what problems they are having with their websites. From this feedback, we are able to know what solutions we can offer them.

Last Thursday was our 20th and final free workshop. We had a good crowd last week. In fact, so good that they gave us applause and didn’t want to leave! They still wanted to ask more questions and jot down more tips they could use for their own websites.

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