How We Created A Website In Just 3 Days

As we’ve been in this industry since 1998, nothing really surprises us anymore.

We’ve heard horror stories of web designers running away with clients’ money and web designers who could not deliver work on time.

Perhaps it has a lot to do with people who think web design is a fast way to make money only to realize web design is really about website maintenance, website support and technical work (which they won’t want to do as they’re tedious).

About 3 years ago, we got a frantic call from this person who wanted to see us immediately. It was super urgent, he said.

He said that Redbox Studio had been highly recommended to him due to our trustworthiness, reliability and ability to deliver first class design.

When we met him, we knew we were called in because their vendor could not deliver to them a website in time for their launching! And this was after 6 months of working with this vendor. If I were them, I’d fire the vendor right away.

So it became our challenge. Would we want to take up this job? They needed a fully functioning website with full content in 3 days’ time.

Yes, we did. We not only delivered to them a top-of-the-range website, we saved them from total disaster so yes, we consider ourselves quite the saviour of the day.

Did we work around the clock? You bet.

We don’t do these kind of last minute projects anymore but it is true that we are the team you can rely on when your website designer does the unthinkable to you.

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