Thanks For Your Kind Thoughts

We celebrated our 13th anniversary last Monday and we had a bunch of congratulatory email messages from all of you. More over at our Facebook page too.

Here are some of them!

From Bahiyah Lasim: “Congratulations to your business anniversary. Wish you a more successful and fruitfull year ahead. My warmest regards to you, Krista & Redbox team.”

From Graeme Smith of CondoPenang: “Dear Nic, Krista & the Redbox Team, Huge CONGRATULATIONS!!!… 13 years in business is a great achievement! Wishing you smooth sailing in the years ahead!”

From Nancy Ong of Penang Adventist Hospital:
“Congrats & Happy 13th Anniversary. You made it and real good at it too!”

From Weely Chng: “Happy Redbox Anniversary! All the best to Nic & Krista ;)”

From Cecilia Yew: “Happy 13th anniversary! May your business continue to prosper and grow till the end of never. Best wishes to you, my friends!”

From Leonard Shyu of Leader Cable Industry Berhad: “Congratulations Nic & Krista for your great success!”

From Andrea Boult: “Happy Birthday! Congratulations to the both of you!”

From Josephine Yoong of Precious Ones Collections:”Many congrats Nic & Krista! Wishing you much success ahead!”

From Mariek Wilms of Paul Penders Netherlands:”I want to give you my happy congratulations! Well done! Hopefully next 13 years will be as prosperous as the ones you have had already.”

From Grace Vu of EcalShop:”Congratulations. All the best to you in the coming years.”

From Dr Patrick Tan Kee Seng of Penang Private Medical Practitioners Society:” Congratulations!”

From Paul Chew of Captain Oats:”Many congrats on 13 years in business. Wishing Redbox many more years of success in the future. Great dealing with Redbox.”

From GL Tan of ST Corporation:”Congratulations to all of you ! Keep it up and going strong…Cheers!”

From Dato’ Dr Lim Huat Bee of Penang Private Medical Practitioners Society:”Congratulations and best wishes to you and your colleagues. It was nice working with all of you when I was President of PMPS last year.”

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