How This Spa Got Its Best Makeover Ever

When Alun Alun Spa came to us, they had a major problem with their old website. It lacked information besides having a totally 90’s design.

Awful design is thoughtless design. It means the designer did not bother to really think through his design. It also shows that most web designers think creating a website is just creating something, anything as long as it has some colours, a business logo and some photos.

What Your Web Designer Doesn’t Understand Will Kill Your Business

What these web designers don’t understand is that a website is never just about slapping together colours and fonts.

Primarily because they don’t understand business and business goals, they can never design a website which achieves these goals. Added to that, most web designers choose colours and fonts which tarnish, rather than enhance the business website.

Here’s something to note: information won’t do anything for you until it is written with marketing in mind. Information can become great content in the hands of the right people. Go and ask any web design firm if they have a copywriter in their midst. Many will sheepishly admit they don’t have one at all. Oh horror! *face palm*

Unlike other web design firms, we focus a lot on quality content. The secret of any good website lies in quality content. In fact, we personally oversee content and copywriting needs for all our business clients.

Check out the website redesign for Alun Alun Spa which increased their earnings and bottom line substantially!

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