Where To Start – Design or SEO?

We’re often in forums online – mainly because our business requires us to keep up-to-date about what’s really happening in our digital world but also because we’ve found that answering other people’s questions and being generally helpful is a great way to sharpen our thinking.

Plus doing good and helping others is always a reward of its own.

I’m going to share with you a short question someone asked in a forum recently.

“My company has an average looking website with poor SEO. We want to increase our web traffic for enquiry generation BUT where should we start first… website design or page optimisation?”

I was not the only one who replied this question. Many others did too.

No one is right or wrong in their answers – everyone has an opinion and perspective to give.

Here is mine. Perhaps you would find it useful!

My answer went like this:

I would look at the content and layout of the website first.

Are you telling people what to do when they arrive?

Are you pointing them helpfully to pages they could look at?

What is your call to action? (Is it easy for them to do, like signing up for something free?)

Is your distinctiveness evident when visitors land on your website or are you touting the same things as your competitors?

What core benefits are you offering to visitors who visit your website? (Benefits are not features.)

Once you have investigated these areas, you can look at the layout. Does the layout help visitors find information easily on your website? If it is not helpful, yes, a website redesign or website revamp may be necessary.

A good website should be planned with SEO in mind from the very beginning. It means that your website should be built from the start to help your business get visible. If you have a website and your website cannot be found, it means you need to get a better web designer or get your website overhauled.

SEO is not advertising so don’t let anyone tell you that everyone is doing advertising. SEO is a natural way for your website to be seen on search engines.

If you have a website and your website cannot be found, you need to get a better web designer or speak to people who know how to get your website visible.

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