What’s Simmering In The Studio

This year really has gone by in a blink.

It’s now September. Can you believe it?

Some of you may not know this but besides web design that we do, we’re also engaged in consulting work. Consulting work is something that we’ve been doing for almost a year now. It’s not very different from what we usually do – after all, both web design and consultation are based on our Redbox X Factor system.

However in web design, we are hands-on in implementation. Or rather, the studio gets the work done.

In consultation, Nic and I step in to provide ideas and solutions and lots of problem-solving for the client. In terms of execution, it is the client’s team that does the work.

Why We Love Consulting

Consultation was a natural progression for us – it was inevitable as we were all along providing marketing ideas to people who asked. But specific problem-solving particularly for marketing is what we’re really interested in and that is where our current passion resides.

We’ve done consultation for a company which started with practically no USP. They didn’t know how to start marketing without a USP and over the course of 2 days’ worth of brainstorming, they got their USP.

Mind you, it was not about conjuring things from the air. You know us. We hate it when marketers lie. We are practical and no-nonsense and we say it like we see it. You could say we teased the USP out of the mountain of material they presented to us.

Again, all this is based on the Redbox X Factor system, which we’ve been using for our premium website design clients and now also for consulting clients.

Honestly, We’re Saying No To A Lot Now

At some point in time, we all need to focus on what we really want to do.

Focusing on what we want to do means running an eagle eye over projects we agree to take on (the exciting, worthwhile ones) while saying no to those which are energy-sapping and frivolous. You don’t know how many times we’ve been propositioned with this deal and that.

But we’re realistic. We’re a small, tight team. We don’t have the resources of Google or FB.

We can either be led about, doing 10 million “good” deals or we can hunker down and really focus on that ONE big project that is all at once scary and intimidating.

The deals which attract us have to be good enough to tear us away from our current big deal. That’s really how we weigh if we want to do a deal or JV or not.

So yeah, next year will be quite interesting as we’re putting that one big project into action – that is why these next 3 months are so important for us.

Our own personal projects are going to take centrestage and we’ll share them with you as we unveil them one by one.

I know it’s going to be such a tease but it’s a good tease, I tell you.

See you in the next post!

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