Ready For Thursday’s Workshop?

If you’ve yet to attend our free website workshops, why not?

It’s free and we NEVER sell you anything – not like those sneaky preview workshops which tout themselves as FREE with something not-so-nice lurking in the back. (Gosh I hate those sneak previews. In fact, I also hate the kind of seminars whereby you’re goaded to buy more and more and more. At the end, you come out feeling so remorseful.)

Ask any of the people who’ve come to our workshops.

They’ve come away impressed but more than that, armed with a new found knowledge about what they really should be thinking of when they next search for someone to design their websites.

Nic shows you a better perspective instead of always thinking “How can I increase traffic to my website?”

We know that is a perennial problem for most website owners but you see, you’ve been approaching the problem from a perspective that won’t allow you to win.

If you want to know how we really answer this question (as well as other website questions you may have), our Thursday workshops are the best way to get to know us and finally get some real answers to your questions.

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