One Step Closer

Just got news of this last week from Regina, the founder of The Pixel Project. (We were involved in the set-up of their website in 2009).

Regina is Malaysian but her project is international with amazing support from volunteers all over the world. I used to be part of her Twitter Tag team until I had too many things on my plate and had to move on.

But we still keep tabs on each other. And she faithfully emails to share the good stuff that’s been happening so we’re really happy for her when we got wind that The Pixel Project has been nominated for the Katerva Awards 2011.

They’re nominees along with heavyweights like the CNN Freedom Project, the Demi & Ashton Foundation, Warren Buffett’s The Giving Pledge, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and Nicholas Kristof’s “Half the Sky” movement. I say that is some prestigious company to be in!

Way to go, Regina and the volunteer team at The Pixel Project!

Let this be one step closer to ending violence against women.

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