The Last Free Workshop

Yup, we’re announcing that our website workshop on 24 November will be the FINAL workshop that we are conducting for free.

We’ve been conducting totally FREE website workshops since August 2009. Each time, we cater to a small group about 10 people because we really want you to benefit from this workshop.

Unlike other workshops, you don’t need to bring anything. No laptops, no nothing.

Just bring yourself, your curious and open mind.

Why We Conduct Free Workshops

More than 150 people have benefited tremendously from our workshops. They’ve gone and told their friends about it, urging them to sign up.

Along the way, we’ve had our share of strange questions too.

But maybe it’s because people are so used to free talks masquerading as sneak previews for bigger ticket items that they’ve been burned and alas, become skeptical.

So most of the time, when people call up to ask us why we’re doing this, we say this – we’re doing this so that we can dispel the awful myths about websites and going online.

Earn Money In Your Pajamas

Even though the Internet has been around for more than 15 years now (at least in Malaysia), lots of people still fear the web.

Yes, people get scammed.

Yes, there are unscrupulous people out to teach you bad things to do online (I once saw how this American internet marketer taught people how to copy and paste stuff from into a blog so that the blog can monetize from Google Adsense or something crappy like that – he implied that it’s OK to copy and do stuff like that) and yes, how you can earn US dollars in your pajamas.

So there are two camps of people – those who think it’s easy as ABC to earn money online (they’d heard so many amazing stories) and those who experienced it and suffered (who paid a fortune to learn stuff they could never do).

And I am not talking about non-techies or non-geeks. Some are real geeks and even they can’t figure out some of the stuff these people teach.

No Technical Stuff, But Lots of Commonsense

We get questions like,”Are you teaching people to set up websites online step by step?”

No. We’re not teaching you the technical stuff. Leave the technical stuff to technical people.

What we’re teaching is how you can inspire more trust and gain more credibility so that your customers will contact you and buy from you, provided you sell an honest product or service.

We’re teaching you what you should have on your website if you want people to know, like and trust you.

Nothing gets sold until someone (your prospect most likely) trusts you enough to contact you and start a conversation about what he wants and if you can help him.

Creating trust is the hardest thing to do online. If you don’t gain your visitors’ trust, they will never give you their money.

So Is This Something Important To Learn?

Of course it is. And it has been free for anyone to learn (regardless of age or gender) since we started with our first workshop in 2009.

Here’s your last chance to sign up before we close the registration.

And I am sure you’re asking – so what’s next? Will we come back with another workshop?

Stay tuned. 😉 Keep reading this blog and you will definitely be the first to know!

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