Why A Website Problem Is Really A Marketing Problem

When Tropical Spice Garden came to us in 2007, they had a huge problem.

You see, they are an award-winning garden located in Teluk Bahang. They’ve been written about in the media and everyone gushed how magnificent this place was.

Their beautifully landscaped garden trails were gorgeous and gave tourists and visitors to Penang a glimpse at the local herbs, plants and trees. Set amidst a hilly area at the end of Batu Feringghi, Tropical Spice Garden was truly a paradise and such a welcome departure from the busy tourist belt.

With all these plus points, you’d think they’d be packing in visitors like no one’s business.

It was far from the truth!

Business wasn’t as great as it could be.

They had heard about us and wanted to know if we could help them solve their most pressing problem – how to get people to know about them and visit them?

You see, many website designers automatically assume that when a business owner comes to you, it’s all about the website. So as a website designer, you go about busy re-designing the website based on what the client has. In many cases, it’s not really about the website as much as you think it is. It is most likely problems of another source and kind.

In our case, before we combed the website, we speak to the person in charge. In this case, Katharine was then the Marketing Manager (now she is the Managing Director).

We finally realized what the problems were.

This is a screenshot of her old website.

The previous website of Tropical Spice Garden

After we redesigned their website, this is what it looks like.

New, improved Tropical Spice Garden website

Here’s how we helped her re-position her offerings via our website makeover.

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