Have You Read What They Said About Us?

It always pleases us to bits when we receive words of praise and appreciation from our clients.

Most of the time we get clients’ testimonials after a website design project wraps up. This means they’ve gone through the entire website design process.

Some also give us their testimonials a few months after their website is launched. In this way, they begin to see the difference our website makes to their business. There is a marked difference in the number of customers they get via their websites.

That is why we love getting website redesign clients. This simply means the client has had a non-performing website before and he’s actually peeved that it isn’t helping his business at all. Once we overhaul the entire website and plan out the strategies he should be using, he sees a major difference not only visually but also in terms of the quality of the enquiries.

(For fresh website clients – those who have not had a website before – they would assume ALL websites work the same. We do educate them, telling them that not all websites are the same.)

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