Tropical Spice Garden Launches Cooking School

In early May, we were invited by Kat, the MD of Tropical Spice Garden, a long-time client of ours to the launch of their cooking school.

This cooking school, the first of its kind in Penang, brings together a variety of local chefs and cooks to teach you all you ever wanted to know about Penang food and Penang traditions.

It helped that the official launch was by Malaysia’s food ambassador, Chef Wan. His name by itself was a big draw. I guess everyone loves a hotshot celebrity or celebrity chef!

I didn’t want to post up this blog post immediately because many of Penang’s food bloggers where there and I knew that they’d only be too glad to post the event up on their blogs.

As we were guests (and not bloggers), we could slowly take our time and not feel obligated in any way although Kat is really a dear friend and client.

She was the one who called us “the Rolls-Royce of web design!” (That compliment stayed on in my mind long after it was uttered!). You can read the Tropical Spice Garden case study of how we helped re-focus the marketing on her website which absolutely improved their bottomline tremendously!

Anyway, back to the launching on 6 May. They converted what used to be their museum into their cooking school kitchen. I spotted some IKEA furniture and knick-knacks so you can be assured of total contemporary kitchen gadgets besides an array of the old-school stuff like pestles and mortars.

The kitchen is really bright and breezy with ample space for a good number of people to cook together. Just outside the kitchen were patches of growing herbs – no doubt to be used as part of the educational experience. I love it when I walk into my garden to pluck some pandan leaves, peppermint or serai for cooking. I believe Tropical Spice Garden is re-creating this experience for its lucky visitors too.

I won’t give you a blow-by-blow account of what happened (how boring that would be!) but yes, we all waited for dear Chef Wan for a good hour before he finally arrived, no thanks to a delay on Malaysia Airlines part! We were all fanning ourselves to no end by mid-morning.

Even the lovely titbits, coffee and music by the quartet did nothing to assuage our growing impatience.

Like all food outings, this was capped with a lunch of fragrant nasi kerabu (which was aptly demonstrated by Chef Wan using Pearly’s recipe – she is the resident chef), mee hoon and other offerings from the other chefs.

Anyway, go check this new tourist attraction (and perhaps put it on your list of to-do’s when friends from other places drop by! At least you can now proudly proclaim that Penang has its own cooking school!).

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